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I accuse (1941)
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On the issue of euthanasia, 8 March 2006

This film is a premier example of what a dangerous weapon the cinematic arts can be. _Ich klage an_ was a propaganda piece, carefully constructed by the Nazis, to persuade the viewing public how reasonable it would be for euthanasia to be first legalized and then state run. The sentimentality with which the relationship between the husband and his terminally ill wife is portrayed is brilliant. The debate in the jury room (the debate is over the euthanizing of the wife and the guilt of her murderer) is indeed one of the shrewdest pieces of propaganda in cinematic history. Germans in the Nazi period had great sympathy for the film and with few exceptions accepted the reasonableness of its arguments about "quality of life". We know where that led. If dead Nazis could vote on IMDb, they'd give _Ich klage an_ nines and tens for sure. Never again, dear friends, never again.

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MTV's Real World meets the European Union, 3 July 2004

Seven strangers from different corners of Europe meet in a small apartment in Barcelona. Watch what happens when they stop being polite and start being real. L'Auberge espanole is the EU's answer to Real World.... and not half bad. The romances and love stories are cute. The humor built on national stereotypes are funny, delivered with a light touch, and even-handed. There's character development, forgiveness, reconciliation, redemption, personal liberation. But on the whole not a deep or terribly sophisticated film. An exhortatory film on behalf of the EU; A superficial, if warm-hearted examination of European identity and difference.