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a list of 82 people
No age limit.
Some actors or actresses were hot when they were young but I have counted them in.
a list of 67 characters
Male roles in mainstream or not movies that I find charming and loveable!
a list of 77 people
I will only include actresses and actors that are considered hot/sexy/good-looking by (some) people and not those on whom everything agrees that they are not good-looking for example Whoopi-Goldberg or Steve Buscemi.
PS. The actors/actresses are only judged by their looks and appearance, NOT by their talent or acting skills. I have nothing personal with any of them and of course how beautiful or ugly they are does not define how kind, talented, sweet they might be.
a list of 30 titles
a list of 67 titles
Note: Only films I've seen will appear on this list.
Mental Illnesses, disabilities, birth defects or other acquired medical conditions, types of paraphilia, types of addiction.
WILL not include a ton of films because almost every crime/horror film depicts a psychopath or sociopath. I will include a film if the disorder plays a huge role in the film's plot or unraveling.
a list of 60 titles
a list of 29 titles
Movie couples I think had great chemistry and would love them to be couples in real life!
a list of 13 titles
Mostly those that leave you with a sense of hopelessness.
a list of 45 titles
a list of 80 titles
I'll only include films that I've seen and those that aren't 'classics' or films everyone has seen so films like:
Insidious, Conjuring, 28 days later, Resident Evil, Paranormal Activity won't appear on the list although I like them very much.
a list of 68 titles
Movies in which 2+ people are fighting for the affection of the same person or couples switching for example A Man falls in love with B woman and A woman with B man.
a list of 24 titles
I will only include suicide attempts that resulted in death or coma.
a list of 82 titles
Includes: Animated Animals
Real animals that appear throughout the film
Pets that appear throughout the film
Films that I have seen, I will not list every single animal-including film there is.
Excludes: Films that use animals for testing purposes (The Fly, Hollow Man)
Films that depict animals used for some purpose (horses in: The last of the Mohicans, 47 Ronin)
Dinosaurs or other fictional animals (Eragon, Godjilla, Monsters Inc.)
Zombified Animals (Resident Evil, Cujo)
Note: King Kong is on the list because although he doesn't exist in real life, gorillas do exist.