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In no particular order except how they came into my head. I've left some noteworthy out on purpose and others by blocked memory or ignorance of their work.
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In no particular order this is my tribute to all the films that have made me think, laugh, gasp, cry, but most of all have stood out in my memory. Most films are there on merit but some have made it on through nostalgia and may not have stood the test of time! There aren't many pre 1980 films on the list, which basically reflects that I grew up in the 80's, but overtime I hope to redeem myself and no doubt the list will change...
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Some of these are just plain fantastic tv, be it gripping, absorbing, hilarious or intriguing. Others are included for the sake of cheesey nostalgia and have dated but still hold fond memories.
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There are many beautiful actresses on this list but I'd like to think my motivation wasn't totally aesthetic! Masses of talent, style, kookiness and silver screen magnetism to boot.
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Looking for a recent film to watch - here are my top picks from recent years...
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She-eeeeet where are all the mug shots for The Wire??
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No cheesey, schmaltzy, cliche-ridden love stories here, just messed up, tragic, weird, up against it, kooky, unusual romance...
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I'm sure there are many I haven't seen including the famous spaghetti don't castigate me for not including them, but feel free to suggest some.
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Films that draw you into dark corners of the imagination. Parallel existences, warped power and the power of technology.
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When I say World Cinema - I am referring to all Non-English speaking films. If the film is good enough you will be drawn in and forget that you are reading subtitles and don't actually understand the language being spoken! I also have a list of World Cinema I intend to watch so please have a look and make any recommendations that aren't on it.
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Some non-english speaking films I intend to watch. Please suggest others you think of, but have a look at my other list first!
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Films I did like, and mostly still do but either know or suspect they date badly or are better viewed through child's eyes, and am unsure as to whether to watch again! Feel free to disagree or suggest additions.
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Movies which address well growing pains, and the drama and comedy that surrounds them!
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Soundtracks that add so much to the film, and get me investigating what the songs are after the film. From classics to the more obscure.
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not talking about sniggering, it's gotta hurt!
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These are just my top 20 rather a definitive list. I already know many more which should make a larger list that I've seen, or I haven't seen but should, so feel free to make comments...
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Films that make you want to dry out or go cold turkey( least get clean)
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Make sure you concentrate or you'll feel your grasp on the plot slipping, but even if you are fully awake your brain will tire...
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All mafias are equally worthy, not just the Italians! OK, granted some of the lower down films are fillers!
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Chilling, warped and absorbing!
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For all you who like to be taken on a journey with your film...