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The best since Rocky and Bullwinkle, 22 December 2009

I grew up with Crusader Rabbit and was entering junior high school when Rocky and Bullwinkle first debuted. I honestly believe that "Penguins" is as close to Rocky as you can get as far as the humor is concerned. The humor in Penguins is classic and the I have recorded and watched every episode over and over again. The seriousness by which Kowalski comes up with his plans and "options" is hilarious when we see the final product which could have been drawn by a pre-schooler, or his inventions which are made up of sardine tins, etc. It's this type of humor that makes this so special. They think in adult terms but their actions are purely that of a child. It would eventually get boring without the other animals and the mix is just right for it to be effective. Julien's mastery of the English language is great. I really believe we have all known a Julien in our lives. The one person who knew it all and tried to command all the attention and notoriety while at the same time does not have a clue. Rico is perhaps my favorite character. The episodes with his girlfriend doll are great. My grandkids love "Penguins" and I get a kick out of watching them watch the show because it's obvious we are all getting something different from it. Great work. Keep it up.

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Ranks as one of the Worse, 8 June 2009

I generally do not find many faults with movies. I enjoy being entertained, even at the expense of plot, acting, and special effects, but this movie has crossed my threshold on all three categories making it one of the worse movies I have ever seen. It's no wonder NBC's ratings are in the tank with productions like this. Even "Days of Our Lives" will keep a person's interest more than this movie. A cast such as this couldn't save such poor writing and directing. If there ever was a case for blackballing writers and directors, this poor excuse for a movie should serve as an example. Part 2 was pre-empted by the Stanley Cup finals and it's only a shame the finals didn't pre-empt both segments. NBC - please spare us any future attempts at TV movies until you clean house!

Taking Chance (2009) (TV)
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Brought back mixed memories, 24 March 2009

A very moving and well produced movie. It brought back a flood of memories as in 1968 at the height of the Vietnam war. I grew up with two boys from 1st grade through high school. I went to college, one joined the Marines, and the other became a Navy Seal. I eventually joined the Navy, and after two years my friend who enlisted in the Marines was killed and I along with the other friend was asked to be in his military funeral as a pallbearer. That experience is one that I will never forget. The dignity with which a fallen hero is treated then and now only shows the profound respect the country has towards its servicemen/women. This movie is a must see for all Americans. The cast was excellent and could probably not have been better picked. Even though he only had a short scene as a cargo handler in Philly, Felix Solis seemed so smooth and natural in his role. I have watched this over and over again and each time I have found something more impressive. This was so well done that it almost seemed like a documentary, the acting at all levels was so superb and believable. I'm convinced the subject of the movie brought out the best in the entire cast to present the honor and solemnity of the occasion.

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A Fitting End to a Great Trilogy, 28 November 2008

I have watched all three repeatedly and have enjoyed every minute. These are pure entertainment and looking for a developing love stories or serious plot lines will surely lead to disappointment. I looked for nothing except to be entertained and it delivered. I enjoyed the numerous plots with the constant betrayals, and the characters maintained their basic flaws and attributes developed through out the three movies. In the end we see each characters true traits. That is about as deep as anyone needs to go. I really enjoyed the one line comments and facial expression especially by Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush. For pure entertainment pop some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy every minute.

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Very Disappointed, 12 November 2007

My kids grew up watching Transformers on TV and took their kids to see it. I waited and saw it on video because I couldn't believe a movie such as this would be treated the way it was. I have about given up on movies because the good ones are few and far between. The so-called stars of today are for the most part self-centered and non-talented. My real complaint with Transformers is the dialogue concerning masturbation. Why in the world was that in there? Is Hollywood attempting to debase the rest of the country so that we will be as immoral as it is? Along the same lines, why do movies designed for kids have to contain at least one fart scene? (Shrek, etc.) What does it add? The visual effects of Transformers were expertly done, and it had the potential to be a really good movie, but the script put it in the gutter. Sorry, but it's not worth the trouble.

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Don't Overthink this!, 2 October 2007

After reading the various comments for this, it seems that most viewers have allowed others to do their thinking for them. This movie is not "To Kill a Mockingbird" or "The Sound of Music", it is a movie made by redneck comedians dedicated to our real fighting men and women. Anyone who has ever been in combat knows that humor is where you find it, and this movie has a lot of it, if you keep your mind open. This database is an amazing tool. If you look at other movies commented on by users who didn't like this movie, the majority haven't liked other inane titles with the same bent of humor. I don't pay theater prices to see a movie. They are a ripoff especially when most movie goers are rude, inconsiderate slobs. I guess my point is that if a person doesn't like this type of movie why pay the money to hate something you have predetermined to hate? The trailer was enough to know how the movie would be.

If you like to be entertained and don't want or have to think, this is an excellent movie

Disturbia (2007)
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Good Thriller, 13 August 2007

A lot of people have compared this to a poor version of Rear Window. I fail to see the comparison. The premise of being confined to his house and ultimately spying on his neighbors is as far as it goes. Notwithstanding his fathers death, his house arrest was the culmination of the run in with his Spanish teacher and from previous troubles. The stage is set as a typical restless teen who one by one has his sources of entertainment either cancelled or has his access blocked, turning to anything that can put off the boredom. I thought the scenes of his transformation from a rebel to being resigned to his fate were realistic. I watched it twice in one weekend and likened the characters to myself and my best friend when I was a teen. It's like the boy who cried wolf once too often. When you're that age you aren't taken seriously, especially if you have been prone to trouble, so you take matters into your own hands not thinking of the consequences. I thought the cast was superb, with David Morse turning in his usual excellent work. Carrie-Anne Moss played the part of a mother who has to balance earning a living and concern over her son and his problems perfectly. This is an excellent movie with no strings attached.

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A Total Waste of time, 30 July 2007

I am glad I waited for this to come out on DVD. It appears to be only a typical money making movie based on toilet humor and racism. If one tries to draw a socially relevant conclusion of the various points this movie attempted to make, they are deluded. This is nothing more than cheap, vulgar humor made at the expense of others and seem to be made OK by Borat's naiveté'. Sorry it just doesn't wash. I will admit I laughed a little, but overall this was a very feeble attempt at some misguided and unforeseen point. It's sad that Hollywood has resorted to films with no substance and character development. Instead, we are subjected to mindless plots, poor acting, and high ticket prices.

Eragon (2006)
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Waste of Time, 23 April 2007

I haven't read the book and after seeing the movie I don't want to. There are too many close comparisons to Tolkien's works which makes this seem like an author trying to cash in on the success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The close storyline and similar names to the Lord of the Rings projected this as a cheap theatrical release using the success of another. The only redeeming thing about the movie was the dragon. The special effects were OK but the acting was stiff, with the dialog mainly short, broken sentences. I watched this on PPV and just prior to viewing, a storm knocked my satellite dish out of adjustment and I was frantically readjusting it to regain my signal. Unfortunately I did. For better viewing watch the Veggietale "Lord of the Beans".

"Raines" (2007)
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I Love It!, 16 March 2007

Having been force fed countless boring shows featuring the supernatural, here is one that grabs you from the beginning. It is not supernatural but the visions or hallucinations of a police detective. Since the vision, as I'll call it, only knows what Raines knows, we get to see the victims character develop over time. I prefer to think that it is Raine's extremely active imagination and the trauma of being shot and losing his partner, that in thinking through the crime and the evidence that brings the victims to life, but after bringing them to life now he has to deal with seeing and talking to the dead and solving the crime. The constantly changing personality of the victims, sometimes in a matter of minutes, shows us the methodical thinking of Raine's as he runs all the possibilities through his head. My fear is that this show will not attract enough viewers to stay on. Most people seem to enjoy the same boring cookie cutter shows that don't require any thought.

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