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Films consisting of extremely dark, troubling themes, that have been filmed brilliantly. This is NOT a list of horror or gore films (for the exception of a few). In my opinion truly “disturbing” films have a strong psychological element of realism you can identify with. It’s the implied nature and implicit context within the blackest of comedies which makes them scarcely disturbing. However taboo, these very powerful films will make you think, feel, and provoke your deepest emotions.
The first 10 are in order of most disturbing from a subjective standpoint. For discussion sake I’d like to know what films in this list (or not) you found most disturbing. Until recently viewing “We Need to Talk About Kevin”, I would have gladly placed ``A Serbian Film`` as number one. It certainly has the SHOCK factor!!!! HOWEVER, for me, ``We need to talk about Kevin`` really took the cake. There are many films portraying school shootings and violence... Polytechnique.....Elephant.... Bang Bang You're Dead etc. This story goes BEYOND the dark side. I don`t think it’s possible not to feel connected to this film one way or another. One of the realist films I`ve ever seen.
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IF you are in search of really stellar performances, creative imaginative storylines, wit and most importantly, entertainment....Check out my list of KILLER FILMS! Its quite difficult almost impossible to rank these as they all bring their individual uniqueness to the forefront. Order is totally subjective, with the first 100 being ones I felt were truly phenomenal, and my personal favourites, while the last 87 are just as entertaining, deserving a top contending spot in completing my theme of “killer films”. I’ve rated all films 8 and higher, taking into consideration; originality of the plot, character development and performance, cinematography, score and really just having that special edge. Recommendations welcome, but please make it count.