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Yes!, 14 November 2013

This episode was by far the funniest in season 17 so far and i'm sure the follow up to this will be that much better. The episode consists of juicy topics in today's society that is; shopping rage (black Sunday), Game of Thrones and the new gaming consoles which the writing staff make an episode out of perfectly. There are hilarious moments in this episode - something i'd missed in previous ones finding myself not laughing at all - especially from Randy as he takes up the role of a security guard but really being a sneaky little bee (buzz buzz) preparing for Black Sunday. The boys act out and abide by Game of Thrones as they argue which console is the better (PS4 or XBOX ONE) resulting in a 'war' between Cartman and Stan. Kenny has great moments in this as well as Lady McCormick and truly shows that Trey and Matt haven't lost their sick sense of humor. But who really cares about all that..

..the MAIN THING is that this episode was awesome and hilarious, and really is great hope for future episodes not being so mediocre

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Utterly Amazing., 5 May 2013

This film IS utterly amazing, their are no faults that are apparent in the viewing of this modern masterpiece. the music is exciting, fun, sometimes sad and fits it appointed scene perfectly, the characters about as prolific and interesting as ones you'd see in Pulp Fiction or American Beauty and the story... from dish boy to porn icon, the story of Dirk Diggler is one that'll stay in the mind of those who care to watch not only because it's so heart breaking, original and crazy but also due to the absolutely extraordinary portrayal by Mark Whalberg whose accompanied by other actors who give their all; Burt Reynolds, John C Reilly, Julianne Moore, Thomas Jane, Alfred Molina. All this is brought together by PT Anderson and his writing and directing that make the film perfect.