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This is how all movies should be done, any more suggestions?
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Movies that Id like to see remade, and some may already be in the works or been crappely remade.
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Movies that aren't really that good, but I can watch them an infinite amount of times anyway. Why is that? Edit: Some of these movies are actually good. Ordered by repeatability.
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Really good vampire movies with an artistic touch. Not the boring stuff like Twilight or Blade.
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Who would win in a fight?
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Who do you think could pull it off? No dirty comments please...
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Not only the most beautiful but also females I love for other reasons. Comments?
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A sci-fi loosely based on a novel called "If If". About the limitless powers of the mind and how the upbringing can form a child into almost anything. Feel free to comment...
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A companion list to my popular: Young actresses for the remake of Lolita.
I think a slightly perverted look is needed for the male role.
Who do you think would be best as the dirty old man?
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Artistic movies that I recommend...
Please comment on more movies like these...