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Drama and action. Excellently directed and acted., 9 April 2011

I saw this movie with absolutely no expectations, and I was simply taken aback by the excellence of it.

This movie starts out more like a drama with a sprinkling of crime investigation, and out of the blue does it transform into an action movie, that goes on REALLY fast. Your heart just would start beating fast in anticipation after that.

Some people have a preconceived notion that an action movie must be starred by a young, handsome man in his late 20s, and that the movie should involve car chases, gun fighting, stunts, and may be some explicit sexual content. This movie throws egg in their faces, because the "hero" is a middle aged man, who is married, has a kid, and is well settled.

But in this case, in spite of being a family movie, the director has somehow managed to make it flow on quick like an action movie. I don't want to spoil it by going into the details of where exactly the "action" comes from.

This movie also clearly shows to what extent would a man go, and what sort of risks would he be willing to take when the peaceful living of his family is endangered. It also shows how much of faith would he have on his loved ones, if he had to push himself to such extremes.

The plot is well thought out, the acting is passionately done, and the screenplay and direction is topnotch!

Jack Falls (2011)
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One of the worse movies, 1 April 2011

This movie is an example of how to ruin an excellent plot by filling it in with shallow, wooden acting, poor direction, and unnecessary visual effects.

I particularly hate the black and white theme with dashes of colour added in now and then. Someone thought it must be cool, but it those visual effects mean less than nothing, and the movie would have probably done a little better with normal colours (but I'm giving it too much credit, even with this statement).

The screenplay lacks any kind of sophistication, whatsoever.

My time would have been spent better if I were staring at at a wall instead of watching this movie.