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Just fluff and romance and flicks and what not..
Everything I've seen. Not everything I necessarily liked- adding comments.

Includes made for tv flicks (Hallamrk romantic flicks ex)
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Anything about or relating to the sea

In progress
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Family themes and family bonds; includes bonds of friendship strong enough to pass for brotherhood
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Fictional or less fictional, fro serious to complete fluff.
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They either sweep off my feet or make it hard not to like them.
There's just some thing about Brits.. Be it British or Irish or English or Welsh or Scottish... the isles abound in talent and wonderful accents too.

I try not to liit myself to currently popular or living actors; however this list reflects just who I like/appreciate, it has no other pretentions, and cenrtainly no pretentions to list "THE BEST" of the best...that is a matter of personal opinion.
There are still a couple at least names missing.

The list is no particular order.
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My variety bag.
Not in any particular order...
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Literary adaptations, original scripts, anything historical, historicised, but also mythological biographical or based on it, period pieces.

Anything fictional or factual that fits the definition. But also literary adaptations.