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I am not a Streisand fan but -, 10 August 2013

I am not a Streisand fan, but she nailed this role! The character of Joyce and her son was so well developed - Streisand was worthy of the Golden Globe for this role - I loved both characters, how they grew when on a road trip, and what they both had tried to do for each other - and how each thought the other perceived them.

I think everyone would benefit from watching this movie - it makes you think about family members, and learning from each other, and growing together. I often think that if people would grow together during difficult times, such as financial crises, losing a home, etc - that they would discover new depths in a persons character - something to really appreciate about another person.

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Fantastic!, 9 March 2013

I love this movie - I have never read the Ayn Rand books, but now I really want too, to see how she portrayed this subject, and the differences - when was the timeline for her book, for example?

The subject is discussed so very well here in the plot of the movie, and is so very relevant for right now - as the government wants a ridiculous amount of money from so many people - which it will then mismanage as only a wasteful, inefficient government can - as ours does!

I felt the acting was very good, and as I have not seen part 1 for some time, I didn't notice the casting changes between 1 and 2. I am now ready to see Atlas Shrugged part 3 when it comes out, which I understand is the last of the trilogy.

I accidentally watched the "outtakes" CD first, before the actual movie - the "outtakes" stuff is a bit dry and boring, but still worth watching.

another great, great child and supporting actors!, 30 September 2012

Good story of a young kid who needs someone to believe in him - that he can rise above life of a young derelict kid - The child actors are very good in this, and it is great to follow the career of Harry Shearer, though I would love to hear what happened to fellow actor Barry Froner.

The gentleman playing the policeman, Don Haggerty - has an extensive resume as well, and plays his part very well -

I love the intelligence of this series, and of Ann Sothern's characters in general - these seem somewhat groundbreaking for their day, in this case 1956.

Ann Tyrell always gives a great performance as the receptionists, Vi Praskins - such expressions -

Great episode about child stars -, 29 September 2012

I loved this episode - involving 1 very talented child star, and 1 not-so-talented "child star" being pushed into show biz - great performances by the cast as usual, plus the two "child star" players are great in their roles. A lot of intelligent things about this one - the fact that child stars are still - children -.

Jesse White is fantastic again as Cagey Calhoun - and to me, Ann Sothern's acting is as great as that of Lucille Ball - though very different.

Don Porter is always great as Mr. Devery, and it is fantastic the chemistry between Ann Sothern's "susie" and his "Mr. Devery" -

Great series, great sets and actors / actresses, 27 September 2012

I love Ann Sothern, and as usual her comedy is intelligent and fun - in this episode she must spend the night unexpectedly in a "haunted house" that used to belong to a famous author - and now belongs to his daughter.

The rivalry between her and "Cagey Calhoun" played so well by Jesse White comes into play also, as he arrives in an attempt to also get the contract for rights to these famous books.

Judith Evelyn if I remember right plays the part of the authors daughter so well, reminding one of the famous Vampira, or Morticia Addams.

Another Great Episode!, 27 September 2012

As usual, Ann Sothern, Ann Tyrell and Don Porter give great performances - Ann Sothern as "susie" and Ann Tyrell as "Vi" are great, dealing with the problem of a cat walking in from the terrace of the building, having to deal with the boss who wants an office - and not one with a cat in it.

As usual, Ann Sothern's TV shows are intelligent, with the dealing of an allergy of a client to cats -

Another great episode in a great series, that I hope soon becomes available in its entirety, as well as the Ann Sothern Show. I enjoy viewing the offices, attire, and equipment of a 50's office almost as much as the show itself.

worth watching, Matthew Knight does well as an actor -, 16 March 2012

At times, the bad acting of one particular adult actress is painful to watch - it makes one appreciative of when great actresses such as Bette Davis and Ann Sothern performed in kids movies - however, the kid actors all perform well, and the movie does make you think about how dogs see the world.

There are some good scenes throughout the movie - and some of the adult actors perform well.

Overall, worth watching, not one of the best kids movies - but I think it would entertain most kids, even if older kids would smirk at the bad acting of one of the "villains" and some of the minor adult roles.

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One of the best superhero movies of all time!, 23 June 2011

I love this movie! The Superhero is very imperfect, a partying playboy who is disgusted with this newspaper magnate dads hardness and perfect image.

Both heroes seem to be nerds in their own right, yet both blend together to make really good superheroes as they draw on each others strengths.

Of course the Black Beauty is awesome - growing up with the 60's TV series who didn't love these old 65 Chryslers with their glassed-in headlights - as well as the fact that the Black Beauty had about every imaginable gadget you could conceive - in the series I believe it had silent and invisible mode, as well as every type of weapon.

To me, this movie had so many cool messages - the son coming to grip with his dad not being the creep he thought he was - and yet, dad's not being perfect either, dad giving in to his faults, then trying to make things right again. Plus the political angles, the crime data, etc - all make this one cool movie that makes you think a lot.

I loved it, this is a movie I will want to pick up and own, instead of just renting it is I did tonight.

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worth watching for Charles Lane, Ann Sothern, etc, 14 June 2011

I know Ann Sothern wasn't wild about this film - but for me, it was worth watching for the performances of Charles Lane and Ann Sothern - it wasn't a high budget film, and some performances surely could have been better - but it still made me laugh in places. Some parts such as the old r.v. were humorous - many of us remember some budget models such as this that we had used.

Not one of Ann Sothern's best works - her last movie "the Whales of August" was fantastic, as well as her TV series "the Ann Sothern show" and "susie" or "executive secretary" as it was originally called.

And of course Charles Lane is such a great actor - how many years has his career spanned?

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I liked it a great deal! Bela is always worth watching, as is the rest of the cast!, 8 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really liked this movie, though a bit depressing in the beginning. It leaves unanswered questions - was Bela's character just mad from the beginning? Was his wife (or ex-wife) behind the killings? How is he "drawn" to her, without seeing her - then to see her outside the window? What exactly happened "7 years ago" -

I thought the filming was excellent also, I always enjoy seeing the old houses of yesteryear - and the great old furnishings.

Clarence Muse was excellent as the butler, and I read where he went on to go great things after this movie.

I didn't think I would like this movie from what I read of the description, I only watched it because it came on the same DVD as "The Ghost Walks" - whose character actors I just love.

I don't agree with the poster who said to watch "the invisible ghost" with the sound turned off - it is a great movie.

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