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Mummy Maniac (2007) (V)
Absolutely awful but..., 12 August 2014

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This one of the worst movies I have ever seen and I have seen thousands. It's totally pointless, the same thing happens over and over again in a very boring way. The actors are awful, the photo is awful, the script is non-existing, and the "film" is simply painfully bad.

But, and this is quite important, I do believe that the creator of this film wanted to create a kind of dream-like, hypnotic feeling, which, if you succeed, could be quiet cool. The problem is only that they don't ever go near to succeed in that effort.

A big warning for this movie. Don't see it, Anything you do in 90 minutes is better than watching this thing.

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Wasted chance, 10 April 2014

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This is a strange movie. I don't think, unlike a lot of other people, that this movie is the worst movie ever made, awful, garbage and so on. I think that this could have been a descent movie with another director and another main character. Or maybe with another director that could have made Tom Green funny. Because this is the movie biggest problem; Tom Green simply is not funny. There are a lot of scenes in this movie that could have been funny with another main character. Tom Green is unfortunately mostly annoying and shouting the whole movie through. In some scenes he just acts like an imbecilely and some scenes doesn't make sense at all. Like the one where he is jumping into the horses. That is just strange.

All in all this movie is not a total disaster, there are a few funny scenes, but it could have been done a whole lot better.

This is a strange film, 21 November 2013

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I think this is a strange film. The part of the movie that is not the "horror-part" with Devon is poorly made with bad acting, music, dialog etc while the part with Devon is in it is so much better. It's actually like its two different movies in one and the only part that they really has put any effort in is in the "horror-part". Anyway this is a crappy movie with all the clichés that follow a bad movie... Its like the directors have read manual 1a and followed it and thought they get a great movie. Well, they don't.

I don't know if I can recommend this film to anyone. Its mostly crappy, and the parts thats is good its too few to make it worth while.

Troll 2 (1990)
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This is it, 20 November 2013

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This is it ladies and gentlemen. It doesn't get any worse than this. I saw this movie a second time a while ago with my son and I warned him about what he was about too see. He thought that I was exaggerates when I told him about the movie and my first painful experience but when the movie was over he was in absolutely shock. I had warned him, and he have seen a lot of bad movies in his days, so he is not new into bad movies but he was in trauma after this one.

This movie, if one should calls this one a movie at all, is hard to describe. One can use the usual word like awful, terrible, crime against humanity and stuff like that but words in any languages never really can describe the nature of this work. Yes, its awful, yes the actors are terrible, yes, the script is insane, but so are many other really bad movies out there. This one takes bad movies to a new level.

This movie makes me feel physically sick, like having an high fever or something worse. It is an insult to my eyes and my senses. It is the same feeling that I had when I was bullied in school by an idiot. The same feeling you have when your boss tells you you are fired. The same feeling you have when you came home and your house has burned down.

So this is it. It doesn't get any worse, not now, not in the past, not in the future. This is truly unique film experience, it will change you view on films for ever.

The Unborn (2009)
Bad Casting and weak performance, 3 November 2013

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I didn't expect anything from this movie but I found it to be quiet boring. It follow almost in every details formula 1A in how to make a horror movie. You have seen it all before in better made movies. My strongest objection, however, is the bad casting of Odette Annabelle. She doesn't fit in the lead role at all. You simply don't believe her and her reaction to the strange things that happen to her is not trustworthy at all. The movie would have a star or two more with a better lead actress. The other actors are doing OK, the photo is OK and the script is OK even though its predictable.

All in all its not a total disaster but nothing you must see either.

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Boooring and "seen it all before" – movie, 13 September 2013

First the positive things: the actors are all doing a pretty good job. Unfortunately that's about all that is good about this movie. I found this movie both dull and uninteresting. To me, that have seen quit a few horror movies, this is stuff that I have seen so many times in other movies.

There is really nothing new or original about this movie at all. The director does not seem to have any idea of his own at all which I think is a must if a movie of this kind will work. Maybe someone who never ever watched a horror movie in his life would find this one good, but the rest of us will only find this one boring and filled with clichés.

Another thing that really irritated me was the religious mumbo-jumbo that was only ridiculous… I cannot really recommend this one to anyone. I was thinking of giving this one a 2 or 3 due to the decent actor performances but when I think about it a few hours after watching it, it can only be a 1.

This is a stinker…

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This is movie is not good, 6 July 2013

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This movie its not good. The hole idea of a superbigwomen is stupid. The actor is at its most doing there job and not more. They really don't have much to work with, Daryl Hannah looks god but that's it. One keeps thinking why anyone would do a remake of a film that was not good in the first place. The 1993 version did not add anything to the 1958 version.

The special effects are lousy. Probably they couldn't do better than this 20 years ago but that's makes it only looks cheesy today. Another thing that's strikes me is that the movie is extremely slow. Not very much happens. Sometimes the director tries to be funny. I wish he hadn't. The jokes fell flat to the ground.

All in all the movie is not awful but not good either. Its rather boring and I could not recommend this to anyone.

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A great movie if you are into bad movies., 6 July 2013

I had a good time watching this "movie" last night. Nothing in this "movie" works; the acting is awful, the plot is insane, the photo is ugly, the fighting scenes are just crazy and the music is out of this world.

There is really not very much to say about the plot, its a very traditional gangster story. One has seen it in hundreds of films, almost always executed in a better way than this though. If I had to say what I found worst about this movie I would say the music. Its too loud, it doesn't fit with the scenes and instead of creating an atmosphere its just annoying.

Because of this the film is very entertaining and I highly recommend this film to anyone who is into really, really, really bad movies.

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Just awful, 21 September 2005

This movie is unbelievably bad. It is so bad that you almost doesn't bevies your senses. There is no scene working in this film, the director manage somehow to destroy them one after an other. And as if this wasn't enough the actors are poor and the script is lousy. There is no shocking effects or amusement at all in this movie. In fact it's more funny than shocking, but not funny enough to be entertaining.

One wish one could have 1½ hour of your life back, it's sad when you realize you can't.

By the way, IMDb should consider introduce a 0 vote for movies like this.

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OK entertainment, 10 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I didn't have much of expectation when watching this movie but I find it pretty amusing. A little long as most movies are nowadays and some silly parts but still decent entertainment. There where 1 thing though that I didn't like about this movie, apart from being to long and sometimes silly, and that was that Keanu Reeves is not a good actor. He looks cool but when he starts to talk you just don't believe him. He's not John Constantine, not even close to being him, he's Keanu Reeves acting. And thats a little bit sad because with a better actor this movie could really have become great. I really liked the feeling of the movie, the effects and the plot and Tilda Swinton as Gabriel is brilliant. So, all in all its a 5/10.

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