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Dreadful TV Movie, 9 July 2012

I made the mistake of watching this slow moving drama on a cable channel. Obviously created as a stage production I found it plodding and annoying. Living in the south I found the phony Southern accents overdone, as usual, and unrecognizable. There were too many characters and the males were difficult to sort out because they all looked similar. The constant bickering which began immediately was grating and continued throughout the movie until I was urging the movie to end and get the misery over. The acting was dreadful and reminiscent of a high school production. The fact that writer Foote had two of his relatives in the cast should have been ample warning not to watch this drivel. Like many others I'm sure, I find it difficult to view Jean Stapleton as anyone other than Mrs. Archie Bunker.

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An Interesting View Of Hasidism, 7 August 2010

This movie was an amazing look at Hasidism, the extreme Jewish group that behave and dress in a rather bizarre manner. The movie reminded me of Jesus Camp, a horror documentary about the indoctrination of Christian children. A Life Apart is similar in the respect that it involves indoctrination of vulnerable Jewish children. This branch of Judaism can only be considered an anachronism and projects an exclusivity that is rather frightening. The manner in which they lived, particularly in Eastern Europe, invited persecution.

Like most religions, Hasidism is patriarchal and women are relegated to a role of being essentially baby machines. The average family has ten children which results in an economic burden for most families. They have their own schools, and like all church schools, library books are rigidly censored. Members of this cult, and it is a cult, don't interact with other members of society and believe that they are superior to any other. The clothing worn by the men is dreadful as is the strange head-ware and they appear to have a fetish about beards and hair. Most of the men wear thick coke-bottle glasses.

I found the movie fascinating but these people are from another era. I find their society very similar to that of Islam a religion with which they are in constant conflict. I came away from this film feeling very sorry for the members trapped within it and particularly for the children. Very sad but an eye opener.

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A Rip Off, 21 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sure it was suspenseful. It was fascinating for about 90 minutes until the anthropologist (Defoe) grilled our protagonist (Keitel) about his childhood and his relationship with his brother and father. Then I knew that I had been had! The writer and directors had adopted a staple of the soap operas and TV movies, but instead of just a little dream sequence, the whole thing was a dream sequence. The whole story came crashing down when I realized that the only mystery in the movie was choosing between Keitel imagining this as he lay on the night club floor or laying in the hospital bed. I hate dream sequences. One can do anything with them. People fascinated with this movie after seeing the distasteful ending are deluding themselves. Shame on the director. Go back to the soaps.

Birth (2004)
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Pretentious Crap, 8 January 2006

Wasted almost two hours watching this nonsense. Reincarnation? Right! A questionable technique successfully used by the Brahmans to control Hindu society. And what ten year old would become involved in such a bizarre plot to, I assume, seduce a mature woman? He hasn't even entered puberty. He would be out playing with his friends. And Nicole is playing a role of obviously a successful business woman? She is a nut case. Unbelievable.

Comments at this site often are made by frustrated wannabe movie critics. Very few of the comments are written in the vernacular. In contrast to MRQE, where the critics are employed and use everyday English (that's why they are employed folks), the posters here often use a stilted form of English to which I can't relate. Who do they think they are impressing? Only themselves, I suggest. The reviews are similar to the nonsense that I remember reading on the rear cover of jazz lp's that I bought years ago. What did all that flowery prose mean?

Anyway, this movie was not entertaining and had little, if any, relationship to real life. People don't behave in this manner. Only Lauren Bacall seemed like anybody that I know. I suppose it's stimulating if you believe in UFO's, astrology, or buy all those urban legends. Nonsense!

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Dreadful, 24 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watch a movie to be entertained. This flick was not entertaining. Symbolism be damned. The movie was as annoying as many of the reviews posted on here, a bit over the top. Reviewers at this site are apt to try to impress readers with their literary skill. They read like the nonsense I remember printed on the covers of old LPs. Doublespeak. Please people, lets restrict our comments to plain old everyday English.

I'm an American but prefer foreign movies to most of the action crap produced by Hollywood. This one was a bit much. The gloomy photography was annoying. The French Veronique was one short of a six pack. She never bothered to look at the photographs she took in Poland? She decided she was in love with her stalker after inviting him to her hotel room? Love? Both women were totally promiscuous and the viewer never knew the guys the women were having sex with.

I'm sorry but I didn't get it. A waste of 100 minutes of my life. I could find similar symbolism watching paint dry. One poster, from Spain, took at swipe at at the American movie industry of which I am no great fan. However, his comments reflect the xenophobia is alive and well in Spain as it here here in the US.

Wonderland (1999)
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British Working Class Life in the 30's, 20 November 2005

A very poignant tale that reflects working class life in the UK in the 1930's. I know. I was there and can relate to Liam because I was also a stutterer. I lived in a bleak London working class suburb in a ubiquitous row house, altho' a little better the one depicted in this movie. Liam reflects the lives of quiet desperation that most of the working class Brits lived. Bread and drippin', and bubble and squeak, were part of our everyday diet. Anti-Catholic? I don't think so. I think a more true reflection of what churches practice to impose their control and cook the minds of young children. The movie was very sad and brought back bitter memories for me. Fortunately I escaped the poverty and emigrated to the US. I know how poor Liam felt when his mother sent him on errands which required him to try to talk to the shop keepers and neighbors. For us stuttering children it is truly a terrifying experience. An unsatisfactory ending perhaps but for most working class families there is no satisfactory ending.

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Eye Candy for Violence Addicts, 15 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS Another Hollywood exercise in gratuitous violence. Entertaining perhaps but a tad tedious. A formula flick. We know immediately that the girl is going to get whacked. And we also know that one of the main bad guys is a CIA insider. Matt appears to have all the tools at the perfect time. He just " happened" to have a license plate in his bag of tricks, a mind-boggling supply of tools to perform his deeds, and an endless supply of money. He was fluent in God knows how many languages and how can any human take such physical punishment and keep walking. He never ate, never slept, never went to the john. If he was so smart why didn't he take a time out to disguise himself. Even a Groucho mask.

And the ending. Give me a break. The endless car chase. Get it over with. Haven't we seen this before? Maybe a thousand times? And no automobile can take that kind of punishment and keep rolling.

A few days before watching this crap I had seen a beautiful Chinese flick called "The Way Home". No violence and just nice people. And prior to that a fantastic Spanish production "Talk to Her". Why can't Hollywood make thoughtful movies like these? I suppose that Bourne is a reflection of our violent society.

This was a waste of my time.

Dreadful, 3 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What was it about? Too many unexplained circumstances, above all, why are these guys attracted to this vile woman? Falco plays one of the most unpleasant female roles that I have ever seen on the screen. And she certainly isn't attractive. (SPOILERS) Who is the biker? Who is the guy who claims to be her husband? Why is she always driving other guys cars? Don't the goons who live in this fishing community have anything on their minds but sex and booze? What is she doing here anyway? How did the biker and her husband find her in this hole?

She was telling her friends that she was leaving town but wouldn't leave. In one of the late scenes where she was telling her love sick mechanic boy friend that she was leaving, I found myself screaming at the screen for her to please leave already. A waste of time. Garbage.

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Dreadful, 10 January 2004

What a waste of time. The characters weren't believable. Stamp behaved like a zombie. I didn't see him smile during the entire movie. He was gaga over the female lead, who I thought was nothing in particular, and her singing left me cold. And the annoying parallel story - wow! Don't watch it. I give it a 1, and I'm being generous.

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Belongs on the Lifetime Channel, 28 August 2003

Dreadful movie. What is Travolta doing in garbage like this. Travolta's dumb ex-wife marries this hunk, knowing nothing about him.....and he has a past. This goon knocks off his partner in crime, which is seen by his snotty stepson who blabs, is not believed, and is then terrorized by his stepfather. Formula ending. Don't waste your time seeing this garbage. You can catch stuff like this on the male-bashing Lifetime channel any evening.

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