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See Our Hearts..., 6 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the best trans movies I've ever seen. With the public not knowing a lot about transsexual men, this documentary gives the viewer an idea of who this small but brave group is: men who were born female. We meet several transsexual men throughout the film, and thereby give a face to this minority group.

To see these brave souls, speaking of their agonies and ecstasy's as they changed genders, is truly a wonder to behold. No one who sees this film can walk away unaffected. At the very least, you walk away with a sense of these men, and a touch of their hearts, to appear so naked to a hostile public eye. To anyone with a transgendered friend or family member, I highly recommend this film. To anyone who is curious, see it. It's well put together, full of heart, and portraits of courage.