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Watch it twice--it gets better., 14 October 2003

I was attracted to this movie after seeing Sofia Vergara on one of the late night talk shows. Anyway, after watching her interview, "Chasing Papi" became a must see, but I didn't actually see it until this week when it hit Pay-per-View.

I have to admit that the first time I watched it I was a bit dismayed that the plot seemed thin, but being that virtually every scene involved Sofia, I really didn't care. You can look at her a thousand times and each time you will will see something new that makes her appear even more beautiful.

So naturally I watched the movie again, and this time I noticed that the movie flowed a bit better and that the plot wasn't as thin as I originally thought it was. Couple that with Sofia looking better than in the first viewing, and I can only surmise that this movie will get BETTER with each repeated viewing.

I know what my schedule is like for the rest of the year!

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Pretty painful overall, but has it's moments, 14 July 2003

This movie could have worked if Martin Lawrence wasn't so goofy and over the top. He was just flat out annoying in this movie. Maybe the writing was so poor that this is the only way for him to play the character, or maybe he had too much artistic license and the director was too sheepish to keep him in line. Whatever the case, the movie isn't a total loss, but you know you have a bomb on your hands when your two year old likes this seemingly adult-oriented movie more than his father did.