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On Our Own (1977–1978)
Discovering Dixie Carter
25 August 2006
The best thing about this show was Dixie Carter. I couldn't even remember the name of it and found it by clicking around until I saw Bess Armstrong's name and looked through her credits.

Dixie Carter was this alluring mature woman who worked at the advertising company. One of the guys - a young pup would just melt whenever she walked by. She rarely said much.

And then one episode she pulled out her southern drawl and gave a sales pitch for some product that she was working on - I about fell out of my chair. She gave this big souther smile and then switched back to the cool, aloof character she had been playing all along. I loved it!
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Fernwood Tonight: Episode #1.28 (1977)
Season 1, Episode 28
outrageously funny
16 August 2006
I watched this series regularly, though I found Martin Mull a little creepy and Fred Willard just odd. I have since come to appreciate them both.

This episode and a friend and I howling as both Kenneth Mars and Fannie Flagg played Fernwood residents who had each been abducted by aliens. Beyond their bizarre stories, Kenneth Mars launched into his procedure of "chinodontics" to help realign his chin. He was striving to make himself more attractive so as to win the heart of Dinah Shore.

Both characters had "stimulate" photographs depicting the spaceships that the aliens used. Kenneth Mars insisted the alien ship looked like a cullender, Fannie Flagg countered "No, it looked like a toaster!"

Throughout their hysterical exchanges, both Martin and Fred seemed to sit there stunned. Truly a great moment in television!
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