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Ive seen 1000's of films & its hard to remember them all! so will have to keep adding..maybe my choice hasnt always been so great & some of these films i wonder why i ever watched them but you live & learn!
P.S cant add 'Vixen' either..
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A list of films i would like to see.Some of them are available on dvd but are either too expensive or ones i would like to see first incase they are rubbish lol
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ppl i love to see on the screen
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Films i am really hoping will get released on dvd one day!!!
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my fave series,have probably forgotten a few but i will add them! yes a few of them lost there way but i still love 'em!
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There are probably much worse shows out there than these but i havent seen them.This is only a list of series ive watched & disliked.Only my opinion!
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I adore horror,comedy drama,b movies etc!! Just a list of my most beloved flicks in no particular order.Prob even forgotten a few.....