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THIS IS THE LIST OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES. Still not very worked on, it will soon get better, but still, until then, I would be very pleased to get some comments.
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This list includes my eight favorite TV shows in order.
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My favorite chracters from all of Nolan's movies from the Batman trilogy, Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2009) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Please comment, enjoy.
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This list has all the movies I've seen, I'm not sure if all of them are here, I coul have forgotten some movies, but this list contains most of them. And every time I watch a new movie I add it to the list.
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In order, my favorite actors from MacFarlane's epic TV Show: Family Guy
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This list contains my favorite characters (In Order) from the two memorable comedy movies The Hangover (2009) and The Hangover Part II (2011).

Zach Galifianakis - Alan Garner
Ed Helms - Stu Price
Bradley Cooper - Phill Wenneck
Ken Jeong - Leslie Chow (Mr. Chow)
Jeffrey Tambor - Sid
Rob Riggle - Officer Franklin
Cleo King - Officer Garden
Justin Bartha - Doug
Mike Tyson - Himself
Bryan Callen - Eddie/Samir
Jamie Chung - Lauren
Sasha Barrese - Tracy
Paul Giamatti - Kingsley
Mason Lee - Teddy
Mike Epps - Black Doug
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This list contains all of my favorite characters from The Office, in order, I'm going to put the actors' names on the list and I'm going to write wich character do they play right below this text.

Steve Carell - Michael Scott
Rainn Wilson - Dwight K Shrute
Jenna Fisher - Pam Beesly
Ed Helms - Andy Bernard
John Krasinski - Jim Halpert
Leslie David Baker - Stanley Hudson
B.J. Novak - Ryan Howard
Craig Robinson - Darryl Philbin
Creed Bratton - Creed Bratton
David Koechner - Todd Packer
Amy Ryan - Holly Flax
Phyllis Smith - Phyllis Vance
Oscar Nuñez - Oscar Martinez
Angela Kinsey - Angela Martin
Brian Baumgarther - Kevin Malone
Kate Flannery - Meredith Palmer
Paul Lieberstein - Toby Flanderson
Andy Buckley - David Wallace
Mindy Kaling - Kelly Kapoor
Melora Hardin - Jan Levinson
Ellie Kemper - Kelly Erin Hannon
Zach Woods - Gabe Lewis
Rashida Jones - Karen Fillippelli
Ricky Gervais - David Brent
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This list includes all of my favorite characters from the American Pie series. I'm going to the put the actors by order and I'm going to wirte down here what's the name of each character that each actor plays.

Sean William Scott - Stifler
Jason Biggs - Jim
Eugene Levy - Jim's Dad
Alyson Hannigan - Michelle
Eddie Kaye Thomas - Finch
Thomas Ian Nicholas - Kevin
Shannon Elizabeth - Nadia
Chris Owen - Sherman (Sherminator)
Natasha Lyonne - Jessica
Casey Affleck - Kevin's Brother