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Prisoners (2013)
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Outstanding!, 14 October 2013

I did expect much, but this topped all of my expectations regarding this movie!

It's made like an old-school thriller you know from the late 80th to early 2000 - only a very few special effect but a great, complex and logic story.

I love the way this movie is made. Not just that the camera is always very well placed, but the dialogs, the actions taken and the personalities of the characters are very realistic.

Even if the plot is an of the more "common" ones, the making of the movie gives it something almost unique. The suspense is lasting till the last minute and often you have for yourself to think about moral decisions and a character that you liked in the beginning may become unfriendly to you as the movies goes on.

One of the best part of the movie is the very last scene - it's so well done that I had to give it a 10/10 rating, even if I have to admit that I enjoyed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo a liiiitle bit much more.

Thanks for that great movie that proves that they are still good directors out there making good movies and not things like X MEN number 10000000.


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I loved it - and it has nothing to do with Hostel, 17 October 2011

I loved this movie! As an Frenchguy, I usually say: German movies, especially psycho films, are very bad. This time I changed my mind: Urban Explorer is an good Horror-Thriller with explicit gore scenes.

I saw on some comments that the film feels like Hostel. It does not at all! Hostel is an absolutely other type of movie. It only wants to shock with "ultra gore and splatter". Urban Explorer does not, but is also very bloody.

The biggest difference between Hostel and Urban Explorer is, that the psycho factor is much more realistic in Urban Explorer: When you watch Hostel, you only see some "perverts" who have no real psychopathic personality.

In Urban Exploerer, the killer is really insane and I really feared him as I think that some of those guys really exist in our world. The ones of Hostel do not.

In some points, the film might be unrealistic, but it' s straight in his handling and if I sum all the together, I can say: It' s more an psycho film with some horror elements and not the opposite.

Some people just don't get the psycho factor and refer the movie to B-movies like "scram" that has nothing to do with this master piece.

I loved it!

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Entertaining (half)trash horror movie, 29 September 2011

This movie, despite of being typical, actually is more than it seem to be.

First, I was really annoyed when my girlfriend said it' some kind of "trash horror movie" and even if she already bought 2 tickets, I did not really want to watch it.

Now, after seeing it, I am really happy, that I did not pass it.

It was a great movie with less "star & trademark" factor. Most of the actors are new to me and I cannot say, that they are "the best ones", but every actor fitted perfectly in his role! When you talk about the story, well, here comes the "trashy" element: aliens attack "the block" and want to kill the teens, which don't know why and they try to escape and fight against em and @ some points, the monsters look really scary. But the movie has a good mixture of everything: joke, action, gore and scream - I really liked it! All in all, the movie has an not to underestimate message to pass and so it is not as sketchy as you might first thing - it's about prejudice, something that is all present in our world.

It's not a must see movie and many people might not find it that special. But if you like comedy horror movies, it's a nice movie to see, especially because of the good cast, which is not known by now, but faces you will see more often in future films.

Colombiana (2011)
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"Hot Chick" but not more..., 23 September 2011

There is a reason why I do not like this movie.

It's not because of the special effects, actually, they are great! Nor it's because of the cast - most of em did an good job.

The thing I do not enjoyed is, that the director tried to combine 2 types of movies - but he missed his goal to 99 %.

The problem @ Columbiana is, it wants to be a bit less realistic, but that for more cool - Yeah, some scenes are! But to try to on the other hand make the film emotional, is a real bad mistake. In not any scene I felt pain or anything else, not even as "Mamma" and the other guy were killed. They made it too dramatic and when you imagine this "super special woman" that can climb under a car like Spiderman and swim in a sharks aquarium (with no logic entrance), you do not really believe in her feelings.

The director should had made a decision: Even he does an surrealistic movie like kill bill all over the line, or a drama, like Leon (wich was a way more realistic, even if not the most realistic movie).

One other thing I missed in the movie: I did not laugh @ anytime... an action based film without any funny scene is really really bad.

whatever, if you shut down you brain completely and like hot girls, then you might like it.

If you expect an good action movie with some story, you will be disappointed :(