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All time great line, 17 January 2006

This has one of my all-time favorite lines. Sally wonders to Charlie Brown, when will her Sweet Babboo invite her to the party? Linus responds from outside, "I AM NOT YOUR SWEET BABBOO! AND I WOULDN'T INVITE YOU TO A GARAGE SALE!"

I think this also marks the only appearance ever of the Little Red Haired Girl, whom we not only see, but also find out that her name is Heather.

Poor Charlie Brown... trying to learn to dance, read War and Peace, make an appearance at at New Year's Party, and still deal with his crazy dog!

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Excellent film, 8 January 2004

This special is great. I love the background music, especially the upbeat tempo played while Charlie Brown dances because he has finally been invited to a Halloween mistake. The scene with Snoopy and the Red Baron is an abrupt switch from the storyline, but it is very well done; 5 minutes or so without any talking.

Did anyone notice how big the moon is in the pumpkin patch? It is huge!

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Classic, 8 January 2004

This movie had it all for me as a kid... laughs, sadness, and suspense. (Hey, when you're 6 years old, you don't know if there's really going to be a happy ending). I never forgot the scene with Charlie Brown singing mournfully after Snoopy leaves "for good." Even now I get goosebumps thinking about him standing next to Snoopy's empty doghouse, and laying in bed knowing his World War I Flying Ace isn't outside to protect him from the Red Baron. Probably the best Peanuts movie ever made.

classic, 16 July 2003

Animal House, the classic college film, about a rebel fraternity in the early 1960's, before rebelling became the norm. Women, booze, pranks, road trips, toga parties; this film has it all. It unofficially stars John Belushi, who does what all great actors have the ability to do; speak loudly without even opening his mouth. Oh what a great talent, taken away so prematurely.

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wow, 16 July 2003

I never really watched the show when it was on; competing with Monday Night Football always hurt. I'd stop and watch if I was channel surfing, just because of Miss SMG. However, I recently went to the library and borrowed various episodes from the first 3 seasons, and was surprised. This show was much better then i thought it would be. Several episodes have fascinating plot twists (e.g. the talking dummy from Season 1), the dialogue is usually funny, and the acting is much better then expected. Sarah Michelle Gellar is a much better actress given credit for. Besides the physical feats, her sarcastic delivery is superb and she is effective at achieving a wide range of emotions, (see her turning down Xander in the Season 1 finale, or breaking down in tears at the end of Season 2's opening show) Overall, it's much more then just some teenybopper WB ratings grabber.

Casablanca (1942)
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Classic, 12 July 2003

Has any movie produced more catch phrases? "I stick my neck out for nobody...Here's looking at you, kid... Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine... Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.... We'll always have Paris" People who haven't even seen the movie know quotes from the movie. That's how famous the movie is. (although nobody in the movie ever said "Play it again, Sam." That phrase didn't come up until the Marx Brother's parody, "A Night in Casablanca," and it was also the title of a 70's Woody Allen movie.)

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Masterpiece, 12 July 2003

Coppola, Brando, and Pacino all overcame early doubters to come up with terrific work. Brando is remembered most for this performance "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." Pacino's career took off following his portrayal of Michael, the war hero-turned-ruthless Mafia head. Coppola's brilliance is evident from the very beginning, with Vito entertaining the undertaker in the dimly lighted office. One of the finest films ever made.

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Blah, 12 July 2003

This movie could be described as "feel-good," but I thought it was pretty lousy. The script is weak, the story confusing, and the acting isn't much better. Sarah Michelle Gellar is disappointing. This might be the worst movie she ever made. The men and sex jokes are humorous though.

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Average, 12 July 2003

The beginning of this movie is weak, and overly simplistic, especially the early scenes with the Cindy's father. The most amusing part is the fling in the forest, where Sarah Michelle Gellar's sexiness is notable. However, it gets better. You feel the guy's confusion in his head, his mindset, and the overall suspense picks up. The biggest disappointment is it ends abruptly. The plot could have been carried on even further, I believe.