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Railways (2010)
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My view, 4 December 2012

This is a film about people and their childhood dreams and making a decision on living them out later in life. What's more important, it is a true story.

It's not a cinematic masterpiece. It gets down to traumas and triumphs of people's lives. It does delve into some detail into Japanese lives, drive and emotions. I find it a compelling story.

It does have elements of pathos. It does have an obvious appeal to people who enjoy trains and railways.

I had seen this as a Japan film festival, but buying an English subtitled version so far eludes me. This is a deal breaker for Western Audiences.

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Strangely Interesting, 27 March 2011

An odd, but interesting show. Suspense, reality, wry humor, pathos, people with colorful pasts, most importantly flying and airplanes.

Also what a range of airplanes and locales.

Has it all. A show that doesn't need anything added to quicken the pulse rate.

It's real. It has a number of personalities who have differing MOs for dealing with difficult situations.

What an interesting career path.

Nick Popovich has quite a knack for assembling teams of people who are specialists in their fields.

Go Nick, keep collecting from the deadbeats and dreamers.