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I worked on this film and it was awesome, 15 September 2009

First of all, Dan Akroid and John Belushi were ingenious and fun in those days. Dragging Brian out of his bedroom, hauling him to the beach, he complains "no, no, I'll get sand in my shoes!". But he goes, carrying his surfboard like a cross into the surf. Like all writers, he is depicted as an observer of the cultural phenomenon of surfing...not a willing participant. Our trips to the homes of Carl Wilson and Al Jardine went from city elegance(Carl) to beach rides on horseback(Al). I took script notes on every shot, even aboard Dennis's sailboat. We threw a birthday party for Brian at his home, and.. Paul and Linda McCartney came by! I remember how excited I was when the cameraman, Jimmy Signorelli, asked me to be a foreground cutting piece by dancing in front of the lens..I was elated! LA(Larry)Johnson was on hand to shoot the concert in Anaheim and Chevy Chase did a classic pratt fall on stage! What a trip. I forget the added Concert Cameraman's name..he always wore a black stetson, rather famous, I think, in the rock & roll world. It was a breathtaking experience, shooting that concert... Well this was my world. I toured with the "Van Morrison" band and "The Band" band in 1969, from Woodstock, NY to Boston and back, for love of music.