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In no particular order - I suggest viewing it in order of release date from oldest to newest. :)
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A list of films which I have viewed that are adapted from or inspired by HP Lovecraft's works. I shall attempt to sort out the good from the bad - all in my humble opinion, of course.
The list shall be updated as I locate and watch more films. Also, I don't watch Lovecraft movies if I haven't read the original stories. I am working on reading more so that I may view more films, but I have many hobbies so I shall read and watch at my leisure :D
I hope this helps some Lovecraft fans find some cool movies :)

The list is in no particular order except I did go out of my way to put my favorite adaptation, "The Call of Cthulhu" at the top.

Gladly accepting suggestions for films to watch. I have a list compiled already but I may have missed a few!
Thanks <3
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I'm hoping to add many more to this list as soon as I discover them :D
Also, this list is in no particular order.