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The movies that attract me the most to watch in the upcoming 2015
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Now that Universal said "No" to the project, these are the actors, in my opinion, that have to be chosen for the new Movies and Series.
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Obviously, this is my opinion, however, I would like to know some of your opinion. I'm actually in doubt of some of the actors named in here, so I would like to know your opinions.
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This are all the movies and some TV series found in my collection, I´m not happy with some of them, but many movies came in packages, so... Any comment will be welcome.
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These are the movies I have planned to watch, I know they are missing too many, but these are the ones I´m interested in.
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In this list, it will be shown the villians, but it wont be discussed if the actor/actress was good or bad, it is just mention, if want a debate, leave your beliefs on the comments. Enjoy it!
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I know that "The Hunger Games" movie is already in Production, and I have complete confidence in Gary Ross it´s doing a well work in the adaptation from the book, but this is my point of view of how the cast could be if I were the director. Is my opinion and your opinions are welcome.

Actually I like the actual cast, but this is with which actors I would done it.

I must clarify that this is only the list for "The Hunger Games", I will make other 2 lists including the characters for "Catching Fire" and "Mockinjay" with there respective characters.
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According to Universal´s decision and say NO to the magnus opus created by Stephen King, I, as a big fan of the books, only knew about Javier Bardem as Roland Deschain, but in case of taking the franchise once again, I want this cast for it. Must say that I dont hate Javier Bardem, but I cannot imagine him as Roland. He´s actually a tremendus actor.