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In no order.
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Ranked this time.
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All the Walt Disney’s Full-Length Animated Classics sorted according to my prefences.
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A list of some people whom I can't stand.
Not by order, they all are irritating in equal measures.
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Lista de petardas, empezando por las más riquiñas y acabando por las más eso, petardas. Disfrutadla, fans de Sabela.
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Of course it'd be impossible set an order, so here's my PERSONAL list of (in my opinion) the best directors ever.

Here you won't find Kubrick (really, really, really hate his movies, I only save Spartacus), no Sodenbergh, no Spike Lee (i find him obnoxious), no Snyder, no Bay (obviously), no Hitchcock (I don't know why, because I like most of his movies, but I can't stand him), no Aronofsky, no Spielberg (I really enjoy his films, but no because of him, you know), no Lucas (Spielberg idem), no Cameron, no Allen, no Bergman (c'mon guys, are you for real? he's boring to death), no Truffaut, no Welles, no Mendes, no Almodóvar, of course no the damned Peter Jackson, no Haneke (only for Funny Games 1997, but 2007 remake is like a bad joke), no Cronenberg, no Von Trier, no Stone... Ok, I'll stop here, it'd be easier if I make a new list with them.
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Éstas son mis películas favoritas, en mi "red social" favorita. Míralas en el orden que te plazca, añadiré periódicamente nuevas aportaciones.
Notarás que omití muchas, porque las que ya viste vi tontería incluirlas. Seguro que hay algunas de la lista que ya viste, o muchas (eso es bueno), ¡pero no podía arriesgarme a no ponerlas!
Feliz navidad :)
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A list of my favorite actors in no special order (just the 3 first). If they are in the movie, I'm pretty sure I'll like it.