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The animated shows you might like to slack to!
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I am babysitting my nephew and I hope to share these movies with ger in the future
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From high school (mainstream movies) to mid 20's-ish... A bit immature and silly.. and stuff whom are really easy to watch on a lazy day!

Ps. These are not my favorite movies or tv series, but I find them (as I said) entertaining and easy to watch.
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There are just something special about the trash/B movies.

Please help me to recommend more trash movies, to make this list even better. Or if you think there is something that doesn't belong here.

(Plus Sewer baby, it´s not on IMDb)

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In order and with explanation.

Ps. Just my own representation of good film director seems to be of men in this list. But obviously I its not because they are men but because the movie industry doesn't let to much women come forward. As there one in the past was for example where not to many painters or writers who where women. Just a critical notification of the system on my behalf!
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I haven't put the movies in order. This are the movies that I remember are really great.

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Movie and TV shows
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Lets build up this list. Feel free to recommend your with you favorite animated tv-series in the comment section.
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Feel free to add anything, would be great.