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In order from best to worst with updates with each movie I see with every movie I've seen so far in 2012 included.
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This is a list of the absolute worst movies I have ever seen not including straight to DVD or made for TV movies cause most of those are unwatchable. Only theatrical releases included with a worst to best format and only includes movies I've currently seen. If you haven't already watched any of these movies...DON'T, they suck big time!
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Movies I've currently seen in order from best to worst. To say it was a bad year for movies was a total understatement. The top is strong but the rest is weak. Here's to hoping 2012 will be a better year.
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Have you ever wanted revenge? These movies provide you with your closure of what you'd do if you could enact revenge. We need more of these movies cause half of this list kinda blows.
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A really hard list to come up with mainly because video game adaptations are mediocre at best. It's probably easier to come up with a worst list since they're so many to choose from. Some movies that made the top 10 could easily make the worst list.
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Honorable mention goes out to 'Miracle' and 'Cool Runnings'
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This list is up for debate as it's really just a matter of which characters you like the most but the movies at the top of this list should almost be a consensus of the best, because they are. With some new movies coming out this year like The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, this list could eventually change. I hope so.
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Nic Cage has had some real bombs in his career but some magnificent ones as well and in my opinion, more good than bad but unfortunately for him, he's mostly done crap lately.
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The Best Books made into films from the great Stephen King.
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Mr. Freeman is one of the greatest actors of all-time and this list in in order of my personal opinion of his best films to the worst ones that I've seen and doesn't count his narration movies.
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Ordered from best to worst.
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Most of the games I've listed also include the sequels/prequels but a few don't. What's your opinion?
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This year had it all with some of the best movies I've ever seen but also some of the worst with a lot of movies sprinkled in-between as mediocre. This list in order from the best to worst that I've personally seen. Let me know your opinion.
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Adam Sandler has made some good movies over the years, but he's also made some horrific duds. Here's the list from best to worst.
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This includes only movies Jim Carrey acted in and not voice over roles.
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In my opinion, Leo's the greatest actor on my generation. The movies on this list prove it.
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