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Movies that were moved off off the list "LGBTQI movies that I have seen" as it grew. Some are horrendous, others are just kind of bad/offensive, while others are ok or even interesting.

This list exists mainly for me to keep track of which queer-themed films I've seen, but I keep it public in case someone looks through it and finds their new fave, as I have done in the past with films that others have given low ratings.
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This is a list of the top 100 movies that I have seen where LGBTQIA-themes are central to the plot. No tvseries, no documentaries. Not super particular about the order but currently I'd say I highly recommend the top 50 ones.

Lately I'm trying to add some comments on content and tone, don't read too closely if you really want to avoid spoilers.

movies that gets pushed off of this list ends up here:
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