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Very good film, don't listen to the few negative reviews, 6 April 2016

I am really not sure what movie the people were watching that wrote negative reviews on here. Boring? Not a chance, Slow? Not a chance, Wooden acting? No way, Disaster with Disney heroes? maybe, exciting? Yes, Heartwarming story? Yes, Well made? Yes. I don't really understand why some people watch movies, because there was absolutely nothing wrong with this movie. It had believable characters, a very good story and great special effects and in my opinion if you did not like it, you really have no business watching movies, because nothing will please you. I hope the few negative reviews don't keep people from watching and enjoying this great American heroes story. Watch and enjoy. And, be proud you are an American.

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Pay no attention to the killjoy reviewers, 11 March 2015

I really think that some people should just not see movies. I am always amazed on the negative reviews on IMDb and how critical people can be about some movies. In this day and age where we have seen just about every trick in the Hollywood and film writers book it is, in my honest opinion, that anything new is nice especially when it comes to horror, thriller, and supernatural movies. We seem to have seen just about everything there is to see (we think) until a little unknown film comes along to surprise us. Well, Come Back To Me is one of those little unknown films that really did surprise me. It is fresh original and had some scares, shockers, and a twisted story all the way to the end. Now, it is not the highest quality film but as some of the other reviewers on here said the story, acting, and music is well above average for a B+ movie. There was only one thing that I felt was left out of the script that I don't want to put in my review because of spoiling the film, so I will leave that to others to decide. I would ignore the negative reviews and watch this movie so you can be the judge because in my opinion it is well worth the time to watch. However, if you are one of those people that watch a move to pick everything in it apart then don't bother you are not worth this movies time.

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Really?, 6 November 2014

Anyone that even remotely liked this movie is ether brain dead or worked on its production. There is just nothing good to say about it except it does end. The story is stupid, the special effects are as fake as the setting, there are no palm trees in Michigan, the music sounds more like it should be playing in a funeral home, the acting is really bad, I am just amazes that Americans waste there time making something so bad that a person feels robbed of his own time watching it. I would have not even given it one star but there is no option for that. The people that made this movie should be ashamed of themselves. Christopher Loyd has sunk to a low level and I really like him and it is sad that this is all he can get as a acting job. The only thing I wanted to happen to the cast is they all should have been killed by the Lampreys, that would be the only justification for staring in this mess of a movie.

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Loved it and was not expecting what I got, 22 October 2014

I see other reviews on IMDb and really wonder why some of the people watch movies. I go watch a move to enjoy myself and that is what I expect out of a film. When I saw this title I thought well I will try it but had very low expectations. Thinking low budget, bad acting and I have to admit the first few minutes I thought, a bunch of young people out to get slaughtered. Then the action started and did not stop. The acting was good, the special effects were very nice, the aliens looked good, the action was fast, the story was well done, and you got to see the aliens quite a bit. I am not really sure what the reviewers on here that posted bad reviews were expecting from an independent film but I felt for a inde film it was top of the mark. The people that posted bad reviews just really need to stop watching movies altogether. There is a little of three movies wrapped up in this film and they are Fire In The Sky, War of the Worlds, and Close Encounters and I do respect all of these major films and love them but I also saw a bit of each movie in this one film especially Fire in the Sky. I highly recommend this movie if you like aliens and a little scare.

Dead Sea (2014)
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Just Bad, 18 May 2014

I'm not sure if I watched the same movie as the other people on this comment section or people have no taste in movies anymore, or these people work for the production company but this film is "just bad". The comments and trailer makes it out to be this great monster movie. It was just a mess, the writing, the acting, the effects the lack of scares, or lack there of, and the guy from Ghost Hunters Britt Griffith should be banned from acting because I have seen boards act in a more exciting manner than he did. The story is all over the place from a action to a bad, bad B movie horror flick. I just did not get any of it and I think I even dosed off a couple of time during it. A sea monster showing up every 30 years? Does he have a clock and a calender? I really should have turned it off after the first 15 minutes but I figured maybe, just maybe it would get better but it never did. The poster kinda resembles Piranha and who ever put together the trailer I give the one star because they got me to watch this trash. Otherwise the movie just stinks of bad rotten sea monster.Oh and by the way where was the monster? I was waiting for his or her grand entrance but all I got is a few peeks and some groaning, roaring or whatever the sound crew had in their short list of monster sounds. If you want to watch a move about the water then you can watch this move because it stinks like dead fish.

Dark House (2014/IV)
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Surprise a horror flick that delivers., 11 April 2014

I'm not going to go into a bunch of details about this movie but I was pleasantly or maybe unpleasantly surprised. It had a good cast, good direction, good story, good action, good scares, and good creepy characters. All in all a very entertaining movie. I did rate it high on the star scale because I feel some people did not give it enough credit with the stars. I believe it should be at least a 6.5 to seven but people really are hard to please. Thats one reason I do not go by the star rating on IMDb unless it is below a 3.5. Yes, there were a few things that you maybe would think "how would that happen" but with a haunted horror flick you can get away with some unusual things. I also thought the story was fresh with a small twist and I did not feel I was watching something I had seen before. The other thing I really liked about it were some really creepy characters that had very unusual and creepy moves throughout the movie. I hope this helped you to decide to watch this move and give it a chance. I do not feel it was a waist of my time and was better that some of the recent mainstream horror movies I have see lately.

Kon-Tiki (2012)
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Better than Life of PI, 6 August 2013

I'm not going into the synopsis of this movie I am just going to tell you how good it is. The movie is so well done, filmed, edited, and acted. I loved Life Of PI but in my opinion Kon Tiki blows it out of the water as far as story. This is a very good true adventure film that I feel was not over exaggerated with plenty of suspense and beauty. This is a must see for people that love adventure films. One of the challenges I found is finding the English version. The special effects were not over done and looked real. I think the only negative I saw in this movie is the character build up was really only good on Thor and the appliance sales man. I did not feel that I was able to connect to the other characters until well into the move. Other than that it was pretty close to perfection.

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Really bad Christian movie!, 1 April 2013

I don't want to sound like a Christian hater because I am not, I just want to warn people about wasting time on an end of days movie that is more like a cheap attempt to get people to watch a religious movie. The synopses makes it sound good and the cover art makes it look good, like you are going to see real catastrophe film but all you get is some cheap lightning effects, flashes of light, and something that shakes a couple of plants and a light fixture. I don't mind movies with some religion mixed in but this movie was just bad from the start. The story is weak to say the least, bad special effects, and very bad character build up. At times I felt like what good acting there was it was being overshadowed by the director and a script forcing the actors to recite religious lines. I also found myself at times rooting for the bad guys because I had no feelings for the good guys. This movie at best should be in bible study classes but even then people may say it is to violent. All in all I found this movie dumb and boring with no real meaning except if you believe in god you will start to glow, turn into a glowing ball and fly up into the sky. I basically did not get it at all and feel if you want to watch a religious movie watch a religious movie like The Bible from The History Channel that was very well done not one that is trying to be religious with allot of sappy dialog. So, if you are a blinded fanatical Christian, you may like this film but if you just like end of days/catastrophe movies stay away from this one because you will be very disappointed.

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Cheep porn horror flick, 16 February 2013

I don't know who is rating this movie except the maybe cast and crew but it is one step up from really, really bad. Put a few porn stars together, with some porn music, bad special effects, dumb story, and you have Demon Hunter. I could not find anything good about this movie except maybe some good bodies and even that was a little questionable. If your really hard up for entertainment this movie could waist an hour and twenty five minutes of your life other than that skip it. If I could rate it lower than one star I would have rated -1 star. Im not sure if this was a syfy channel movie but it has the markings of one. If anyone wrights a good review they probably have bad taste in movies.

Kill for Me (2013) (V)
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Sleeper thriller that has twist, 11 February 2013

Im not sure why this movie did not show up on the top list for thrillers for 2013. I guess maybe because it was an Canadian film and Hollywood does not want the competition. This is a real sleeper in all the since of the word. It is start to finish well acted, well written, well produced, well photographed, and well directed. It has a story that is new, fresh, and never used before. The movie starts like any other thriller but takes twist and turns that you don't expect. Katie Cassidy and Tracy Spiridakos are both great in their roles but especially Tracy Spiridakos. I could write more about this movie but I don't want to spoil any part of the plot. I don't even recommend watching the trailer so everything about this movie will be a surprise. If you are into really good thrillers, you don't want to miss this movie.

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