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Ultimate list with Christmas-movies only! Merry Christmas!
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My 007-list from best to last!
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WWII-MOVIES: NOW OVER 1200 TITLES!! This is the ultimate list of the best, and worst, 2. world war-movies ever! (Only movies that have pictures in database of IMDb) Enjoy! – By MARCEL SCHARNEWSKI
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List with ultimate superheroe-movies. By Marcel Scharnewski - The ultimate listmaker on IMDb.
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Ultimate list with Walt Disney classics. Enjoy!
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Best 2.WW series for television ever made!
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List with the ultimate gangster movies. Enjoy!
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All time high list with Asian movies. Enjoy!
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List with first world war movies, tv-series, documentaries, or anything that links to «The Great War», witch is the term. of WWI. Enjoy! By Marcel Scharnewski
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My list of favourite movies, simple as that. Enjoy!