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Steve Jobs (2015)
**, 28 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was extremely disappointed with the film despite the fine acting of Michael Fassbender, in the title role and Kate Winslet, as his marketing expert. At the beginning, I thought Winslet was Meryl Streep with horned-rim glasses and a get up in the style of Bette Davis's beginning in "Now, Voyager." Notice how pretty Winslet looked as the film went on.

The film depicted Jobs as a real hustler, tough, but brilliant and not ready to compromise on his views or on his product.

Jeff Daniels was convincing in a supporting role as the fired CEO of Apple.

The film details Jobs finally admitting that he fathered a girl and his later stormy relationship with her as the 19 year old intellectual from Harvard.

***1/2, 26 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The sad thing here is that this doctor does make house calls.

Eric Roberts has mastered this part of the emotionally disturbed cardiologist and he is at it again saving lives and becoming too involved with his "patients," or should I say victims. In this one, he saves the life of a young girl in Mexico and feels that in order to win her over, he will romance and even marry her emotionally scarred mother who never emotionally recovered from the accidental death of her husband year's back.

Roberts can be charming, but so delusional when his mind reverts to scenes where he is torturing or killing anyone in his way only for him to come back to reality.

He stops at nothing to achieve his goals including the romancing and even marriage to the mother, altering a blood test so as to cause friction between the girl and the boy she is dating, murder of his brother-in-law to be. The film is also a good one as it shows how those who were skeptical of him at first are literally lured into his orbit with all sorts of mayhem resulting.

What about saving the life of the prison guard at the end who is choking? Will that grant him certain liberties? A sequel to this is well in order.

***1/2, 26 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How did Ms. Bolton ever get that position lecturing a group of potential real estate agents? Nevertheless, we had quite an exciting film here as she takes one of the students under her wing. Go know that our real estate honcho is a vicious, cunning, sly person who will do whatever it takes to land a real estate deal.

The "student" she takes in soon falls under her spell as she is a great teacher when it comes to deceit, ruining marriages and every possible unethical practice you may think of in securing a deal.

Yes, murder is also on her agenda and that includes just about anyone who will get in her way of unscrupulous dealings.

***, 24 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The use of irony by Alfred Hitchcock always enhanced everything he did and this television episode is no exception.

I didn't trust the blond, Julianne Moore, from the beginning and pretty much guess who she had secretly hooked up with.

After being threatened by his partner and friend, Richard Anderson, for embezzling money from their business, Charlie feigns his suicide death so that he can flee with his supposed fiancé with the money.

It's just ironic how Charlie ended up- in the same way that he had first pretended to.

Some of the scenes are almost comical, especially the funeral scene where Anderson gives a eulogy ripe with passion, but with anger for what Charlie had done.

****, 24 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The widow of a slain police officer begs Frank to make sure that her son does not join the force. In a gut-wrenching decision, Frank does what he has to do and the response of the mother shall always be etched in my mind.

Danny gives a wonderful performance here, especially when he confronts the grand jury on the situation that led him to kill that serial killer.

We also witness a cover-up when a politician running for reelection is behind the wheel of the car that slams into a person. The politician denies that he was driving and how it was shown that he was was brilliant.

***, 24 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Somewhat confusing first episode of the new season. If a vigilante is killing serial killers, what is going on with the tourists who are also falling victim to murder?

Danny will never let Steve forget that he gave him part of his liver to save him. The race in wheelchairs at the hospital between the two men was ridiculous at best.

That chase scene where the 5-0 team jumps over buildings was certainly memorable and was a definite asset to this episode.

I miss Masa Oki as Dr. Max Bergman. The new mediccal examiner, a female, seems to be a by the book person. Will Dr. Max be returning?

***, 24 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Fine acting but of course a very morbid, depressing film where the writer-daughter more than assists in her mother's suicide, the latter a victim suffering from ALS.

While the topic of being allowed to end it when you're terminally ill has become quite controversial today.

Each one of the daughters is a unique group of individuals with varying lives and the one who is an attorney vying for a judgeship is all too ready to condemn what her sister has done.

Alfred Molina briefly appears as the father of Austin, the daughter who complied with the wishes of the mother. Jackie Weaver, as the dying mother, is excellent as the woman trapped in a body that is rapidly failing.

I Am Wrath (2016)
**1/2, 23 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What organization did the Travolta character belong to before he left it to pursue an honest life with the woman he loved. That all changes when she is murdered and seeing that the criminal justice system doesn't work, Travolta reconnects with his associate as the two go on an expedition of tracking down and killing the murderers.

This tale of revenge has the familiar themes of corruption extending to the top of state government, a family threatened, violence with shootings all over the place and the Travolta character eventually finding solace with the Lord.

While the ending proves that justice is served, Travolta having to flee and possibly never see his daughter and her husband and his grandson is definitely a downer.

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****, 22 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This new show certainly shows promise when a cabinet official, about to be bumped from his job, is designated to be the official not in attendance when the president gives a major address before congress. A terrorist explosion kills the government officials, and our guy, Kiefer Sutherland, the HUD secretary, a former academic, is hoisted into the presidency.

We already see a general whose interesting in over-throwing this non-elected person. Already, Sutherland, who seems to have been made for this part, shows his mettle with his confrontation with the Iranian Ambassador, despite the fact that he is not ready to jump into war.

We see a loving wife, an attorney, the adorable young daughter, and a son, possibly dealing in drugs, as part of the cast. What role will the female FBI Agent play? There is also a Chief of Staff who looks as if he can go either way.

Looking forward to the excellent show in the making.

The Edge (1997)
***, 22 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Very fine acting by Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin marked this interesting 1997 film.

Hopkins steals the show as a perceptive, brilliant, billionaire who becomes isolated along with Baldwin, a photographer, when Hopkins's plane is hit by birds and crashes deep in the woodlands.

At the film's beginning, I thought I was seeing a Doris Day look alike with that hat that Elle MacPherson was wearing. Hopkins is perceptive in that he can see by the way that Bob (Baldwin) looks at the MacPherson character, that something is going on and that Baldwin will want to kill him.

How many times during the film does Bob call Charles, the Hopkins character by first name? It became rather annoying.

Much of the film is dedicated to how the two guys out-smarted a bear that was stalking them.

This is a film of ultimate redemption, perseverance and understanding and forgiveness of humans.

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