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Devotion (1946)
***1/2, 18 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An excellent study of turbulent Bronte sisters, brilliant in their writing efforts, but along with their brilliant alcoholic artist brother, led some turbulent lives.

Ida Lupino and Olivia De Havilland certainly did justice to their roles as Emily and Charlotte, respectively. Sometimes I thought that the two should have reversed their roles; however, they were effective.

Arthur Kennedy, always an under-rated actor, turned in still another terrific performance as Branwell, their tormented artist-brother. Paul Henried showed his mettle as the parson's assistant,loved by Emily, but finally smitten with Charlotte.

As Lady Thornton, Dame May Witty had little to do here other than being outraged by Branwell's behavior at a ball.

The movie quite aptly showed that there is a fine line between genius and insanity.

For a change, the always-villain Victor Francen turns in an interesting performance, as a headmaster of a Belgian school where the sisters attend. A real Romeo, smitten by Charlotte, he quickly reverts to his supposed passive ways when his wife becomes suspicious.

Nancy Coleman, as the third sister, Ann, had little to do here. Not at all as intellectually gifted as her writing sisters, she just hangs around in the film, but nothing of consequence occurs for her.

Joy (2015/I)
***1/2, 18 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first started watching the movie, I thought I had finally found the most dysfunctional family on record. Joy and her father are both divorced, but their mates are living in the basement.

I was completely wrong how this picture turned out. It developed into an interesting plot where Joy, an inventor with an inquisitive mind, develops a very special mop and it shows the trials and tribulations of what she goes through to get the mop manufactured. The business family takes up her cause and she seems to face never ending obstacles, getting it manufactured, fighting with someone who has a patent claiming it's similar to what he has made, thieves in business that you can't believe, all this occurring while she is tending her nutty family, led by dad Robert de Niro, whose second wife has thrown him out.

It's a story of aspirations with very hard luck and ultimate success. As joy, Jennifer Lawrence is excellent and well deserved her Oscar nomination.

As the Italian widow, who takes up with dad De Niro, Isabella Rosselini was excellent in the part. She is not just a widow with tons of money, she was also a smart and alert business lady who knew how to handle her money.

**1/2, 18 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The songs are ridiculous. What Hitler is portrayed by a monkey, which is appropriate, the words were inane, especially when they kept saying his real last name- Shikelgruber.

At his first song, Vaughan Monroe sounded as though he had his jaw wired. June Allyson belting out I Don't Recognize This Song was also inane, as the words were silly.

As shown in your page, Lucy as Julie Hampton, was a Broadway star and not a Hollywood luminary. She is caught up with Dick Powell, a shipbuilder, who has written a play Meet the People. The two, of course, fall in love, but tangle over what kind of version his play should take, he wants it centered around the ship-builders and the people of war-time and she prefers a more glamorous rendition. He later accuses her of using the play for publicity. What was the headline about jobs being frozen causing the Ball character to remain among the ship-folk?

Bert Lahr also appears, but his funniest scene is where a tuba practically goes on top of his nose.

Silly fanfare with the predictable ending.

Green Fire (1954)
***1/2, 15 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In the same year that she garnered the Oscar for "The Country Girl," Grace Kelly made this 1954 film set in Colombia.

A tale of finding lost emeralds, Stewart Granger finds them and encounters all sorts of difficulties in pursuing many more of these green emeralds- bandits, dangers working the mines, and his love interest, Kelly in the film.

As always, there is a rich score by Miklos Rosza and when I heard parts of it, I thought I was hearing some chords from his great "Ben-Hur" scoring.

It was also laughable that his partner, the usually gruff Paul Douglas, would make Douglas vie for Kelly's affection. When Kelly's brother agrees to help Granger in his pursuit and is subsequently killed, a rift builds between the Granger-Kelly pursuit of the emeralds, as she becomes dead set against it.

An adventurous film which was nicely handled.

***1/2, 15 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Was wondering how Sid, the smart assistant to Frank, would allow his wife and himself to rent a temporary home in such a changing neighborhood? I guess that Sidney is much more liberal than we ever thought.

The episode was a good one as it dealt with moral values, especially among ethical people who sometimes feel that even when something is wrong, they can't speak up for a variety of reasons.

Even Danny's kids were afraid to speak up regarding a school fight for fear of reprisal. Then we had a former gang member, paralyzed by a bullet from the leader of the gang, who feigns not to be talking up until he takes matters into his own hands. We also had the Russian, responsible for Sid's beating, acting as if he could do anything he wanted. The episode really put a bad light on the Russian people living in New York City.

The incident where Jaime and Eddie knew that the cab driver had done nothing wrong, but they had to keep quiet due to federal involvement, which could have led to the driver's deportation was sad. How the feds didn't finally act needed to be explained far better.

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***1/2, 15 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was by far the best episode so far of the season and at last this story-line should be complete so that the team may move on to still another adventure.

It's amazing that the serial killer was the person you would always least suspect. The reasoning for the person's madness should have been explained more.

Alicia and Steve get kidnapped by the killer who has plans for them via a sadistic couple, both of whom should have been put away on the funny farm years before.

How come Scott Caan was not in this episode?

We see that Alicia, the ex-FBI agent, has her own fears, and am wondering if there will now be some romance between her and Steve, especially after what they were put through.

Wasn't Steve stabbed in the back by the serial killer? For someone who was, how was he able to get up and eventually turn the tables on the sadistic couple?

*, 15 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Stanley Kramer always made such wonderful social conscious films such Judgment at Nuremberg, the hilarious comedy It's A Mad Mad Mad World and The Defiant Ones. He must have had a bad day when he made this 1952 misery of a film.

We never see the enemy. We don't know exactly where the film is taking place and the scenes with the women are absolutely contrived and out right ridiculous at best.

For 1952, Lee Marvin looks old already and war in itself is made to look ludicrous by what Small was doing all along during this 80 minute film debacle.

Of course, you make every effort to save a missing soldier cornered by the enemy. The enemy was the one who thought of such a miserable film.

**, 14 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An absolutely brooding piece where a girl is returned home 17 years after her abduction.

It's as if there is a brick wall standing between the girl and anyone she deals with. Hesitant but universally religious, she has this wall around here when she speaks and it appears that she is either in isolation or totally spaced out. Kept in a basement, she still harbors feelings for the man who abducted her and even goes so far to visit him in jail.

Saiorise Ronan and Cynthia Nixon are both excellent as daughter and mother, respectively.

The father is a more upbeat type and is much more optimistic than the Nixon character.

You can actually feel the tension in the air, but you would want the film to break out more, possibly with other characters.

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****, 13 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The series continues as we see Kirkman rising above the fray and he is becoming a leader. When the governor of Michigan literally rebels and ignores the federalization of the Michigan national guard, Kirkman's able assistant brings him to Washington for a supposed meeting with the president, only to have the governor arrested when he lands at the airport. Ditto for that general who is looking for revolution only to have himself dismissed in this episode.

That milk-toast press secretary was actually quite funny before his quick exit. Again, Kirkman is on the mark by the person he chose as his successor.

Virginia Madsen is that cunning congresswoman from the opposite party who deals with the First Lady so that the deportation of the Honduran lady and family can go away.

Notice that the children, especially the troubled son, did not appear in the episode.

****, 13 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film had me at the edge of my seat. It just wasn't dealing with the kidnapping of a wealthy teenager and its effects on her divorced parents, the dad having remarried and wife #2, much younger, is just too sympathetic to believe. Instead, the film concerns itself with a hideous plot by a seer hired by the second wife to do the kidnapping and then have the police follow her sightings.

As if this isn't enough, we have an over-zealous news anchor who is ready to go to the top of his profession no matter what. The psychic's husband, basically a good Joe, was talked into this mess by his overly ambitious and apparently evil wife.

There are constant plot twists and by the film's end, everyone gets what is coming to them.

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