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Earthquake (1974)
Destructive Forces ***1/2, 25 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ava Gardner really looked over the hill as Heston's wife Remy in this film.

The film deals with a graduate student predicting a massive earthquake, and guess what? They actually listen to him and prepare before this monumental quake hit. The quake looked very much like the one in San Francisco in 1906.

The movie is about various people and their relations to one another before and after the big shake.

Wasn't that Walter Matthau in a bit part as a drunk in the bar as Los Angeles is violently shaking?

The film also deals with ultimate sacrifice as seen by Heston's heroic but tragic ending.

What's the Shock of Ms. Pilgrim? **1/2, 21 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is your ordinary movie set this time of the Liberation of Women movement.

Bette Grable goes to work for the firm of Dick Haymes. They refer to her as a typewriter constantly. Isn't better to say typist or stenographer?

Naturally, the two fall for each other, but her involvement in the Women's Movement may make things go awry even though his aunt owns the firm and is a firm believer in the movement. Anne Revere is that person. Ironically, Revere and Roy Roberts, the latter appearing briefly in the film, share no scenes together as was the case with the Oscar winning "Gentleman's Agreement" that year.

How could manager Gene Lockhart try to get Grable out when the Revere character owned the firm?

Of course, there are plenty of Gershwin tunes in the film, but again it is ordinary and so highly predictable.

Disgusting *, 20 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's supposedly 1882 and Seth MacFarlane talks as though he is in current times and his constant use of profanity does not help matters either.

Every conceivable way of dying in the most unusual ways are shown here. There are some disgusting scenes and for those who think they're comical, we have to set up some standards of morality.

I don't know how Liam Neeson ever considered such a part in such a gross film.

When you take all the vulgarity and nonsense away from the film, all you'd have is a simple tale of a gunslinger out to get his wife back and kill the guy with her.

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***1/2, 17 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Does one actually think that Don Draper, man about town, can find happiness in a commune. Yes, Don's life has turned upside down with Betty's diagnosis. It is as if his little world of booze, broads, smoking, and enjoying everything that life can offer has come suddenly crashing down.

Look, these communes take over your life and you lose your independence. Does anyone actually think that Don Draper, of all people, could adapt to such a life?

John Hamm was excellent in this final episode and I think it will be enough to secure an Emmy nomination and I wouldn't be surprised if he finally wins the best actor award. He deserves it.

**1/2, 17 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow! Star Troy Donahue sings the opening song while the credits roll at the beginning.

This is basically another take off of fun filled spring breaks in college.

Jack Weston, as the basketball coach, really steals the show with his supposedly tough persona, only to find romance himself while on retreat with the guys.

The movie has the usual takes with fun in the swimming pool, the big fight during a swinging party but takes on serious overtones when a spoiled, neglected young man vies for the attention of a girl and almost kills his competitor. There is a serious moment when the guy is forced to look at himself for his actions.

Bessie (2015) (TV)
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Bessie Disconnects ***, 16 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Queen Latifah totally captured the soul of blues singer Bessie Smith, in this film biography of the legendary singer.

The problem with the picture is the disconnection we see throughout. It is not clear regarding the circumstances of the death of Smith's mother, which she is blamed for. Even when Smith visits the cemetery years later, we don't see the monument of the mother.

Latifah is excellent in the role. Her singing is tremendous and she comes across as a tough, vulgar, often drunk young woman who knew from an early age what she wanted out of life.

Smith was brash, totally outspoken and not afraid of anything or anyone. We see this when she chased Klan members away while performing in North Carolina.

She receives fine support from Monique as Ma Rainey. We see the latter give Smith pointers, only for the two to split when Smith wants more recognition. Years later, when the depression hits, they're suddenly reunited and this apparently opened doors for Bessie.

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***, 14 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is sure one strange interlude. What in heaven's name is going on in this small Idaho town?

You don't know if star Matt Damon, as Ethan Burke, is delusional or what. What is going on you will at first ask yourself?

Burke is sent to the town to search for two other missing secret service agents and soon finds himself in a car accident, allegedly killing the other agent.

We see a hospital filled with no patients and a nurse there, Melissa Leo, who at first comes across as nice, but later shows her Nurse Ratchet-like qualities. Juliette Lewis is the waitress in the restaurant, but does she really exist as she aids the Burke character?

This is No Swinging Party- Wild Party ***, 13 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Anthony Quinn plays a faded football player in need of some hard cash and resorts to kidnapping with all sorts of mayhem resulting.

He tries to roll a rich girl and her boyfriend and when that fails, he even tries to force the woman into marrying him. As the film goes along, Quinn becomes more demented, ranting and raving at will.

We also see a story here of wealth versus those without it.

Jay Robinson, who was always so good in biblical pictures, especially when he played Caligula, turns up as a cohort of Quinn who betrays him when the kidnapped guy offers him more money.

This is also a story of when you're down on your luck, it continues that way.

Zone this one off *, 12 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Utterly ridiculous and ultimately a bad movie with James Cagney, George Tobias, Ann Sheridan and others.

As a revolutionary, Tobias turns the tables on the chief of police twice by devising the same exact trip.

As the executive of a fruit company, Pat O'Brien gets Cagney to remain to manage things as current manager, Jerome Cowan, proves himself to be inept. In the meantime, Cowan's wife constantly throws herself at Cagney. This all changes when Sheridan, a nightclub singer, comes to town, but is immediately harassed by the O'Brien character.

Throughout this mess, Cagney and Sheridan fall in and out of harmony.

There is the usual shootout with Tobias and his fiery band of revolutionaries.

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Murder on the Bounty ***, 11 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

They kill bounty hunters, don't they?

A more important story in this episode is what Danny finds out about his ex-wife's son from her second marriage. Put it like this, in that family, there is no half-sister or half-brother. While this news is quite shocking, Danny, naturally, is quite angry, but will go to bat for the boy, as the latter needs his bone marrow. A son for Danny. How happy he would ordinarily be. Yet, will he be ever to forgive the ex-Mrs. Danno for not telling him the truth? This has and shall be a great hurt for our hero.

Naturally, Steve tries to calm the anger that Danny now has for his ex-wife. This should have been the major topic of this episode and everyone would have understood why.

After all, hasn't there been mutiny regarding any bounty before?

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