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***, 30 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There is only so much you can do and go so far when it comes to a case involving being racially biased on computers. Every trick imaginable is depicted here in trying to establish that a firm doing business over computers had made or did things that were biased against minorities.

The sidebar story of Ruth becoming concerned with the Jeffrey Dean Stanton's character having a relationship with Alicia was far more appealing to viewers. After all, Peter is running for president and such a scandal would invariably ruin his chances in capturing the nomination.

Ruth appeals to Eli Gold to do something about what may be going on between the two of them.

Isn't there really a conflict when Jeff does consultant work for Alicia and Lockhart? Nice to see that Lewis Canning and Alicia finally agree on something.

**, 28 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the stupidest films depicting satire that I have ever seen. This literal farce reminded me so much of 1959's "The Mouse that Roared."

The idea here is that love shall conquer all and is the ultimate answer to diplomacy.

John Gavin's Russian accent is ridiculous and Sandra Dee, the teen in love in so many movies, is rather foolishly cast here.

As the head of the practically non-existent country, Ustinov appears to be a bumbling fool, another Peter Sellers doing Inspector Clouseau. His going back and forth between the American and Russian embassies was ridiculous at best.

If this is the way we solve diplomatic problems, we're really in for it. The Russian girl, the expert in statistics, reminded me in a way of Greta Garbo's Ninotchka. Her hardline Communist views give in when she falls for Dee's American fiancé.

Ridiculous fanfare at its worst.

***1/2, 28 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just proves to you that even with the most sophisticated savvy technology, the bad guys can always track you down.

That woman who was being protected so that she could testify against her crooked boss came across as a pretending Bronx-like yenta, but really was as smart as they came.

Funny that our police duo couldn't fly the woman down to Florida, due to her previous surgery so they had to drive down instead.

If the ending is true, am sorry to see the Eliot character go. He always acted like a dimwit, but well knew how to assert himself when the situation called for it.

***, 28 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nice to see this show back. Glad that A&E picked it up. Sorry that Jane Curtin is no longer around as the daffy, but bright Medical Examiner. Her replacement looks good- sharp, knowledgeable, and a lady who knows how to enjoy life. There will be more to her than examining dead bodies as the show goes on.

Anyone notice how the new detective shows a striking resemblance to the late Sal Mineo? I thought Mineo came back to life when I first saw this guy on screen.

A little difficult to follow this episode as it didn't make the credibility list that two heroes during the Persian Gulf War are now suddenly rogues planning assassinations and terrorism. Also hard to believe that our female heroine police officer's husband, also a cop, suddenly shows up after 10 years to involve her in a caper solving crime.

The Leisure Class (2015) (TV)
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***1/2, 26 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

No matter what others might say, I found this to be a very good film as it deals with relationships and how the truth ultimately comes out, in order to save the day.

It is also a story of revelation and ultimate redemption. The film also sports an outstanding performance by Bruce Davison, as the senator who tries to live life among the elite, but when things start to come out, he reveals himself at the end as quite a character to boot. It is by far his best performance since him nominated performance in "Longtime Companion."

The picture starts off quite comical with an off-the-wall brother suddenly appearing at his brother's engagement party. The latter is marrying into society and into a political family as well. He has hidden his true identity and has totally reinvented himself.

The appearance of the brother begins to erode all that and with drunken evening pool parties, a near car crash and the ultimate revelations of the Davison (Sen.Ed) character, you know that the engagement shall not exactly bring forth marriage.

The role of the women as rebellious, snobbish, intellectual and power-seeking are well revealed here.

***1/2, 22 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Actually, this is my review for the Nov. 22 show. The dates were mixed up on your schedule.

This new episode deals with Diane taking a case where she is on the side of the pro-life people, despite the fact that her personal views go against this.

Lewis Canning is up to his old tricks and this time he means to get Alicia on his team. Notice what he resorts to.

Nice seeing that Mackenzie Vega, Alicia's daughter, is really getting more meaty roles in the shows. She has grown up real fast and is working in trying to secure her mother new accounts. She is also becoming quite wise when it comes to payment as well.

Interesting to see how Diane was able to divest herself from this case in the end.

*, 22 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mad and miserable best describe Katharine Hepburn's misadventure and disaster in this 1969. At least, the great Kate, had acted mad in a far better film 10 years before in "Suddenly, Last Summer."

She wears that wild hat from out of the middle ages and her clothes were even more gross to behold.

She discovers a plot to destroy Paris by digging up the city for oil. She does something about it in a most unconventional way. She calls a meeting of some of her crones, the odd Margaret Leighton, in a similarly outrageous hat, a more docile Giulieta Masina and Dame Edith Evans, a scene stealer, as the judge in a mock trial with that high pitched voice which was so effective 10 years earlier in the memorable "The Nun's Story."

Danny Kaye is a real delightful surprise here. He is great as the rag picker chose to play the one of those charged. He goes on and on regarding how money just comes to the rich constantly.

Richard Chamberlain co-stars as a young revolutionary but his part along with Donald Pleasence, is never fully developed.

***, 22 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Marlon Brando's most frustrating life recorded on tapes. Those eerie pictures of him with that frozen head;in certain pictures he even looks like Thomas Jefferson with that pony tail.

No question about it, Brando proves that there is a fine line between sanity as compared to insanity. Growing up in a household dysfunctional by its alcoholic parents, is it any wonder why Brando's frustrations grew way into adulthood.

He was a brilliant actor by studying Stella Adler's method of acting,which had a great impact on his life.

While we see him in clips of "Streetcar Named Desire," we see the clips with Viven Leigh; we see acting by both at its brilliant best. Acting to Brando was a way out to vent his frustrations and inability to cope.

The black and white cinematography creates an eerie setting, as Brando frustrated and often off-the-wall seeks clarification and justification for his life.

Be Cool (2005)
**, 21 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Be Cool is anything but hot.

John Travolta once again is Chili Davis, a hot-shot former gangster turned movie person, who is bored with that so he is now focusing on the music industry.

We see about the worse side of the industry and the movie becomes one big confusing mess with groups of gangsters trying to outsmart one another, as Chili is constantly able to talk himself out of a bullet.

The one and only good thing about this movie is that singer who Travolta finds, but unfortunately, she is under contract to the likes of another gangster, Harvey Keitel.

***1/2, 21 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Imagine Danny as a college economics professor? This is exactly what occurs when Danno goes undercover when a very unpopular college economics professor is murdered and literally devoured by pigs. On the outset, there appears to be too many suspects as our good professor was detested by his students.

To add to the situation, Danny's nephew, the forensic guy, is commandeered to act as one of the swinging students at this partying college, where academics seems to be quite secondary. There is a very forward young lady in the class who comes on to Danny, and besides raising your eyebrows, you will wonder if she is the culprit.

Of course, there is much more involved to this as we soon discover that our professor was about to be fired and he was ready to let us say a new vocation-that which led to his demise.

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