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Sinister Minister (2017) (TV)
***, 18 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

He is not a serial killer as stated. He has a definite sinister purpose of murdering his victims.

The guy as a preacher equates himself to holier than thou, reciting from the scriptures repeatedly as if to prove his point. In the meantime, he is as sick as they come, finding his victim and when the latter no longer serves a purpose or may interfere in other designs, he eliminates them.

He has already done this to two wives and he takes a definite interest in a woman and her rebellious daughter who have moved into town. Wife #2 is soon "liberated" and this modern day sick Romeo soon has designs on the mother. The cocky daughter realizes what this guy is up to and she soon becomes victim to his charms.

When her ex-husband and girl's father enters the picture, he is conveniently eliminated as well. Only a savvy female police officer is able to put together that being widowed twice before age 50 is sending up a red flag.

**, 15 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After a while, while you know who the good and bad guys are, you get somewhat confused regarding the intent of the Nazis off Newfoundland.

Dana Andrews turns out to be much more of a fisherman from Glouchester who sets out to the area above and soon takes on a woman, a nurse, who is going to see her naval father who is ailing.

There is immediate action once it's determined that the wireless on board has been tampered with. Suspicion immediately falls on Philip Dorn, a supposed Dane, who has signed on with the cargo ship.

Meeting up with a boat with Claude Rains, speaking perfect English without an accent, we soon learn who Rains really is and we think we know what his plans are.

The small village nearby has to be evacuated and it's bombs away by film's end, but we come away unsatisfied. More of this story needed to be told.

****, 14 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I haven't enjoyed as this one in years. Go ever think that Claire Trevor and Broderick Crawford call pull this off.

With prohibition repealed in 1933, everyone is singing Happy Days are Here Again, but I thought that would be sung the night FDR defeated Hoover. Anyway, the singing of that ditty is so appropriate to the film.

Crawford, as a gangster, now wants to go straight. Trevor, his wife, wants to break into society, but with that twang in her voice, she is very funny when she speaks.

The movie comes down to a robbery among bookies, Harry Morgan, the chief crook, knocks off his partners and is about to flee from Crawford's rented Saratoga house. That's when the real fun starts.

We have their daughter wanting to marry a police officer from a wealthy family, and when the mother, the hilarious Margaret Dumont, appears during festivities, all hell breaks loose with her screeching screams when she has encountered dead bodies placed at different times.

There is some nice singing and dancing by the groups coming in to visit, and that obnoxious child from the orphanage, who Crawford has taken in for the vacation in Saratoga, adds to the comedy with his antics.

This is also well-done Damon Runyon fanfare with society blending in with gangsters.

An absolute joy to watch.

****, 14 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While Lorraine Bracco, as the acting mayor, does not appear in this episode, her presence is felt nonetheless when she comes out against a plan by Frank to have better community relations between them as the police.

Up comes Whoopi Goldberg, as Speaker of the Council, who wants the plan to go into effect. Of course, the savvy Goldberg has an ulterior motive. She wants to challenge the mayor in a primary and would like Frank's support. Hoping that Ms. Goldberg will become sort of a regular on this very good show.

When a judge who is presiding over a sex-trafficking case involving a horrible lady, he is found dead and it looks like they will have to start all over with lord knows what kind of judge at the head.

Erin, the prosecuting attorney, is threatened by the gang, and is removed. The onus now becomes to link the judge's death, thought at first to be a suicide, as a murder with the trafficker involved.

Clever detective work and a tenant seeing something leads to this conclusion and wait until you find out why the building superintendent had become involved in all this.

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***1/2, 14 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Recently retired British law officer, Harry Langford, comes to Hawaii as part of his round the world tour and soon becomes tired of retirement and steps in to help the crew in their latest adventure.

When a major drug lord and gangster is killed, it appears that an all out war to gain his turf is about to begin.

Go know that the killing was not turf related, but instigated by a piano teacher whose son was struck and killed by a car going fast by the gang.

This guy is able to take out the gang with the help of a woman who has become his love interest. She later dies in a hail of bullets.

Our piano teacher is relentless to carry out the killing of all associated with the gangster, including the gangster's son, who supposedly had nothing to do with the mob.

When the son arms himself, McGarrett tries to prevent another killing. Is he successful?

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***, 14 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Modern day topics such as the statues is brought up in this episode, as we invariably learn about the art of compromise.

What does the mother-in-law have to do with the recently killed man who had blown up the capitol? This issue shall have to be revisited much more in depth, but we already know that she did some shenanigans to get her husband moved up on the heart transplant list years before.

Kirkman's wife and children continue to be low-key this season. They hardly appear and one wonders what's in the future for them in the series?

There is a plague in the nation that's rapidly spreading and killing off people. We're seeing the greedy pharmaceutical companies, and for a change, Kirkman is able to put them down. We need this in real life as well.

***1/2, 14 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Great chemistry here between David Niven and Jane Wyman. Niven is a rather quiet great pianist who has performed around the world. A perfectionist, he is tired of going around playing. His investment adviser buys an apartment building where Wyman happens to live and the rest becomes an hysterical story.

Victor Moore steals the show as the good-natured landlord who went broke by helping out his tenants and in the year that he won the best actor Oscar for the phenomenal "All the King's Men," Broderick Crawford plays a cantankerous tenant who can't take any noise. The scenes where Niven plays his piano up against the wall of Crawford are hysterical. Crawford, with his usual mean veneer, is perfect for the part.

The film is a good one since Niven is given the opportunity to be out of his realm and reacting with everyday people. His hiking adventure with children of the building is funny.

As was so often the case in films, Maria Ouspenskaya appears in one scene as an aging pianist.

Shock (1946)
***, 10 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Vincent Price, the king of being sinister, actually has a conscience in this 1946 film and that's what leads to his ultimate downfall.

A woman seems delusional as she awaits the return of her husband from the military. The latter had been first reported as dead but had survived a prisoner of war camp. While waiting for his delayed return, she witnesses a murder in the next room. Go know that the killer, Price, is the psychiatrist who will try to keep her in her confused state so that no one shall believe her.

Lynn Bari portrays his ruthless love interest; a nurse in the institution where Price has had the woman committed.

When things get too hot for the duo, they plan to do away with the woman, but Price shows that he has heart and does in Bari in the process when she insists that they kill the woman.

The film runs only 70 minutes and it would have even been better had they shown what the husband of the woman, played by Frank Lattimore, had to go through before this ordeal.

With those evil eyes, Price is at his sinister best here.

***, 9 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I saw Lucille Ball's name in the cast, I thought I would be in for a bit of comedy but how wrong I was!

It's a basic story of a guy, a football player, on top along with his aggressive and ambitious wife. Victor Mature and Lizabeth Scott appear as the perfect couple. However, when Mature is diagnosed with a heart problem that would end his career, he cannot bring himself to tell his wife since she is now used to high living and not going to some college town as the wife of a football coach.

As owner of the team, Lloyd Nolan is great here. He wants victory and only at the end of the film does Mature let him know the story. As his daughter-in-law, Lucille Ball comes across as the business-like secretary and is widowed and she has romantic designs on Mature.

To me, a flaw in the film was the rapid southward movement of the Mature-Scott marriage. As is true in many films of this nature, solid good sense shall ultimately win out.

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***, 7 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Our fiend wanted revenge and did some horrible things due to his father's death? Hard to fathom.

Kirkman's mother-in-law looked just awful in that dress she was originally to wear at the Press Ball. Her being a potential victim from our fiend was also hard to take.

Kirkman's political adviser is a little bit too much to take. He mumbles and references other things to something else.

The Press Secretary's jokes were not funny and there could have certainly been more excitement had our fiend gone through with his threat.

Kirkman's first lady seems to have taken a back-drop since the new season started and his children appear to be non-existent as well.

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