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When Porn turns Good on Film ***1/2, 14 September 2014

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A very young Mark Wahlberg steals the show here in this 1997 film showing himself as a high school dropout at dead end jobs until he has a chance meeting with porn promoter Burt Reynolds, which sets him on a new course. His memorable fight scene with mother, Joanna Gleason, is terrific here.

The film takes a look at the porn industry with its cast of the usual drug users, as we step into the lives of a variety of people, all searching for their own identity.

Don Cheadle is very good here as the guy looking to use the industry to further his music store ambition.

Bull is Durable ***, 14 September 2014

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You often wonder why certain guys never make it in baseball given the fact that they have potential. We see this in the film.

Kevin Costner is absolutely wonderful as such a player. An experienced catcher, he has what it takes, but only lasted in the major leagues for a brief period. He is resigned to the Durham minor league team where he meets up with fan and announcer Susan Sarandon who acquires a great southern accent for her role.

Tim Robbins is the pitcher that Costner is assigned to work with. His appearances are memorable. Strikeouts and walks are the same high amount. Watch out when he throws, anyone there is vulnerable. That's what happens to the film-the vulnerability of the Sarandon-Costner- Robbins relationship comes into question.

The Great Blue Sky ***1/2, 14 September 2014

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Very good film showcasing German pilots during World War 1. George Peppard is as arrogant as ever as he aims for winning the coveted metal by shooting down 20 enemy planes in the closing days of the war. The film is a particularly good one as it shows how the Peppard character becomes part of the German propaganda war-effort. It tragically shows that when he is of no use for them, he can die tragically as a martyr for propaganda purposes. Having achieved greatness as Field Marshall Romel in "The Desert Fox," James Mason is great here as well again as a German commander who is ruthless and if he can live for the next 15 years, a possible favorite of the coming Nazi regime.

We see the beginnings of discontent in the Fatherland as Germany is about to lose the war.

Ursula Andress is wonderful here as Mason's much younger wife and Peppard's lover. Her unwittingly stupid move condemned the Peppard character.

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Too Much too soon? ***1/2, 11 September 2014

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While it is true that Ms. Fuller could not compare in looks to the late Brittany Murphy, it is also true that she gave a very memorable performance relating to the late star. As her mother, who wanted freedom for her daughter, Ms. Fenn was also quite good as well as the guy who played the con-artist producer she married.

This is literally examining the familiar theme of too much too soon and how it affects people who achieve stardom very quickly.

The Ashton Kutcher role came off as real heel here. This personality and attitude certainly didn't have him coming off in the best of ways.

Amazing that she kept to herself, was a doting daughter and did not jump out all the way for the Hollywood life. Better off had she remained in New Jersey and had led an ordinary life.

Victim of Circumstance **1/2, 10 September 2014

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A western detailing revenge and its aftermath best describes this 1958 Paul Newman film.

Newman starts off a shy, slow-witted young man who is taken in by a cattle raiser who is so kind to him. When the latter is shot down by a rival group, Newman vows revenge and in his process of eliminating the man's killers, he gains quite a reputation which shall ultimately lead to a tragic ending.

The story is one of being drawn into further gun play by a variety of circumstances, amnesty gone terribly awry, church wedding shootings and becomes quite violent as the bodies begin to pile up.

Revenge begets revenge here. Keep to the good book and remain a lord fearing bible carrying person is the theme here.

***, 8 September 2014

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Were we essentially dealing with prostitution among the wealthy or higher echelons of society?

It's just a little too much to bring the latter and try to blend it in with a drug cartel.

While going to relieve himself, a jogger comes upon the body of a woman and that starts our episode going. It is soon determined that the name she was using was a bogus one and that she worked for the cartel which would use the wealthy to add or take money out of accounts of theirs.

Falling in love with someone caused her death and wait until you see who really killed her and was a member of the cartel as well.

***1/2, 8 September 2014

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The degradation and dehumanization of a human being is well told in this best picture Oscar winner of 2013.

This especially rings true since the victim was a resident of upstate New York who was duped into traveling to Washington where he was chained and shipped off to the south to begin his life as a slave.

Treachery and cruelty abounds in the film and Lupita Nyongo gave a terrific supporting Oscar performance as a slave in perpetual whining for the children she was separated from. Michael Fassbender, as the cruel slave owner, is mesmerizing and deserved further Oscar consideration.

Alfre Woodward shows what an ex-slave could accomplish if he or she played their cards correctly.

****, 7 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Oscar winning song Chim-Chim-Charee, a spoonful of sugar and all that may have very well not come to be had the Emma Thompson character, the person who wrote Mary Poppins, had gotten her way.

We have an excellent picture here of what might have not occurred. Emma Thompson gave a fabulous performance as the cantankerous, afraid of facing life author. Amazing that she was denied an Oscar nomination and I suspect that her petition signing regarding Israel had something to do with it. If that be the case, congratulations to the academy for denying it to her.

The author of Mary Poppins had a difficult childhood as we observe. She saw Mary in a far different way than screen viewers eventually saw her. Tom Hanks portrayed Walt Disney in the film and he had quite a time of convincing her what Mary represented.

As the alcoholic father, Colin Farrell did a great job as did Paul Giamatti, the LA chauffeur who convinces the Thompson character that life is indeed worth living.

***, 3 September 2014

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In today's world, this was a very appropriate episode where a series of bombings takes place in Jackson Heights, Queens, where a number of Muslim people reside. The bombings seem to be occurring among the Muslim stores in the neighborhood along with a terrifying message that the perpetrators are prepared to extract revenge against those in the community who refuse to adhere to extremist ways.

You know that the bombings are occurring among the people themselves. Tunnels are shown leading to a store. It seems as if there is plenty of experience regarding the formation of such tunnels.

This hypothesis is proved to be correct.

Second is Good ***, 3 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A real western romp with Debbie Reynolds showing almost the same stamina she would show 3 years later in the marvelous "Unsinkable Molly Brown."

Debbie had a wonderful support cast to work with, as a widow from N.Y. who ventures to pre-statehood Arizona.

We know by the hand who actually murdered Sam Wechsler in his store. It would have been nice if something had been said about it.

As always, Thelma Ritter shows her mettle as the strong-willed Aggie who takes the Reynolds character in to do farm work.

Naturally, we have the usual characters in such a film- a gambler, farmer with a mother who will not let him lead the nest, and an array of other assorted character.

While it may come as a surprise regarding who Reynolds winds up with, there is good clean fun here.

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