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*, 3 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Why am I rating this film so poorly? Call me old-fashioned but the observing of Shiva revolves having people visit the bereaved to comfort them following the death of a close family member. This film made a complete mockery of the concept. Perhaps, I would have rated it higher had they used a different pretext to assemble the family together.

I know that people will criticize me since this was supposed to be a comedy, but to include this sacred Jewish tradition into utter mayhem was ridiculous. Yes, there is reflection of the father, but the other ridiculous circumstances evolving disqualify this as a quality movie.

The surprise ending regarding Jane Fonda's secret was already over-the-top for me.

We see a dysfunctional family at its worst with all sorts of outrageous situations occurring.

**1/2, 1 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A rather conventional caper where Peter O'Toole, a detective, masquerades as a burglar to get more information on art forger Hugh Griffith. He meets Griffith's daughter, Audrey Hepburn, during a burglary attempt and the two quickly fall for each other.

Complications arise when Griffith signs for one of his prize statues to be insured, but that signature requires a thorough examination of the piece that will certainly prove that the latter is not authentic.

O'Toole aids Hepburn in the heist so as to protect her father from prison.

Kudos to Griffith, who Director William Wyler obviously remembered from "Ben-Hur" for a much better performance here as quite a colorful character. O'Toole is debonair. Hepburn acts like she is back in "Roman Holiday," and Charles Boyer appears all too briefly.

The film becomes rather inane once the burglary has taken place.

***1/2, 30 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Better than average Lifetime film. It's basically a story of a very sick, disturbed woman who is as manipulative as they come.

Anyone notice that the guy played by Jon Cor looks like Ben Affleck in certain scenes?

As stated, this woman is as sick as they come. It's amazing that with all she carries on, she is able to hold down such an important job in the advertising industry, and only at picture's end do we discover that she is a lawyer.

It appears that she is out to start relationships with men only to destroy them. Could this be due to the fact that her father walked out on her, her mother and brother years before? Did she have too much on her plate with an emotionally unbalanced mother and intellectually challenged brother?

Anyway, she would resort to anything to get her way- lying, interference on the internet, destroying the guy's relationship with his girlfriend back in New York. The head of the firm must have been out to lunch with all this going on.

Tommy (1975)
1/2, 30 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Absolutely dreadful film and will always wonder why the Motion Picture Academy gave Ann-Margret a best actress nomination for it. She is rarely seen in the film as her son approaches adulthood.

While it is certainly true that the music is supposed to carry the plot, this was way overdone here. You needed some regular interaction of talking among the characters.

Since when is Marilyn Monroe a person to be worshiped? This was absolutely ridiculous but that's true regarding the rest of this awful film.

Tommy lapses into this state after seeing his father killed, but wasn't dad killed during the war?

Tommy, as an adult, resembled Tiny Tim.

****, 29 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Absolutely a wonderful documentary giving the history of this noted song. It transcends from its beginnings in the Ukraine, to Europe, and to the U.S., before becoming a totally world phenomenon.

It's emphasis is the depiction that joy must be a part of Jewish life, no matter how much we have suffered through various persecutions.

Scenes from films depicting this joy are shown throughout the documentary.

People such as Harry Belafonte and Connie Francis, both of whom shall always be remembered for their renditions for this time-honored song are interviewed along with late Leonard Nimoy.

Taxi (2004/I)
****, 29 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hilarious film where a bombastic taxi driver, Queen Latifah, meets up with a policeman who you begin to wonder how he ever became a cop to begin with. He can't drive; he appears to be inept at every turn and he has to take orders from the girl he dated who has now been promoted.

The chase scenes are great as Latifah inadvertently becomes involved in the situation when Jimmy Fallon, terrific as the cop, loses his license.

The bank robbers are foreign women who are tough to the core.

On the way, Latifah gives courage and strength to Fallon and with bold initiative and clever ploys, the two team up to track down the culprits.

You know that you're getting older when Ann-Margret plays Fallon's alcoholic mother, and she does a good job at it.

**, 29 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let's face it- Mason and Hayward were not born to do comedy. The film should have been made years before with Irene Dunne and Cary Grant in the leads. Then, you would have seen something.

Hayward seems to handle her social drinking since she had plenty of experience with that in "I'll Cry Tomorrow," and "Smash-Up."

The two play college officials who are supposedly experts on marriage. In their lectures, they recount what happened when a Swedish girl, played with relish by Julie Newmar comes to visit. With her high intelligence, she tells it like it is. She comes on to Mason by telling him that she wants her him to be the father of the child.

Even in comedy, Hayward's response was somewhat dramatic, and that is what was not needed here.

The premise was not good here.

***1/2, 29 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

True story with a familiar line of a marriage on the rocks and a television producer taking his family to Mexico for vacation in hopes of reconciling. In the interim, his wife is strangled and quite naturally the Mexican authorities focus their attention on the husband.

The wife goes for this as she really loves her husband, but when she finds out that he is constantly texting his lover, all bets are off. It is then when the murder takes place.

The husband blames a male working at the hotel for what has occurred, stating that he believed he had attempted to come on to his wife.

Is it really true that under Mexican law, you're guilty until proved innocent?

***1/2, 26 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A very good film depicting Bill Murray as a guy down on his luck, with an Alzheimer's stricken wife in a home, while he cavorts with a Russian prostitute who is pregnant. Is he the father?

His life takes a turn when the new neighbor, Melissa McCarthy, moves next door with her son. She has separated from her lawyer-husband and is working hard to make ends meet. She hires Murray to baby-sit for the boy and pick him up from school each day. This is done despite their awkward meeting.

The film takes a directly positive turn when an assembly in the lad's school honors saints. The boy has chosen Vincent, the Murray character, as a saint as he has taught him manhood in defending himself. One gets the feeling that the meaning of who saints really are really tested due to Murray's alcoholism, bringing the boy to horse racing events, and teaching him how to defend himself against the class bully.

It's really a tribute to the inner character of people, no matter what traditional society thinks of them, even when the exhibit deviant behavior.

**1/2, 26 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The preppies are at it again. In reality, the death of the fellow student was accidental, pictures taken or not.

The film definitely had promise with the 4 remaining students becoming a pact in that they would not expose anything.

The film went awry at the end. Our picture taker was certainly not everything that she pretended to be.

It is also difficult to fathom the idea that the girl would take such revenge on her boyfriend for the Broadway interview that she had.

The boyfriend, with his contacts, appears to look like some monster.

The film had promise as it depicted the mistrust the friends begin to have with each other.

If only it had ended better.

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