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In this list you will find 265 movies that have ''touched'' me alot when watching them. Please comment if you recomend another touching movie that isn't on this list. Enjoy :) (All movies are listed in no particular order)
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Here I have listed the 82 best movies I've seen. If you think that I have forgot some movies please comment, I'm always looking for more great films to watch :) This list was created April 1 2011. Though this list is updated every time I watch a movie that I rate 9 or 10.
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Here you will find both great video gamesoundtracks and movie soundtracks. All movies and games are in no particular order
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Here is 50 movies that all have at least one unforetable action scene. If you reckon I have missed a movie please comment and tell me wich one you think deserves to be on this list. All movies are in no particular order and in my description of each movie I tell wich scene I think is the awesomest action scene in that particular movie.