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a meagre attempt at listing some of the greatest, most essential horror titles, in approximately chronological order....
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Many people seem to have a lot of petty objections to a lot of the less blatantly Satanic entries on this list, but anyone with a truly deep understanding of Satanism, its aims and its real-world applications should be able to see why they are listed. By arguing the point you are merely showing your ignorance of the subject. Furthermore, most of these titles are listed on the Church of Satan's own Suggested Viewing List, so its not me you are disagreeing with, it is the CoS itself; I'd suggest you study a bit harder!
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After about the top 10 there stops being any particular order because there are WAY TOO MANY. I'm a movie buff, movies are my life; I've been watching movies as long as I can remember. For that reason my selections are extremely varied and eclectic---literally no genre is left untouched.
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