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Savages (2012)
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awful and sick, 21 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you're having a good day and you want to ruin it , just go see this movie. If you're having a bad day and you want to feel worse, go see it.

Let's be serious the movie is pretty disturbing and sick to say the least. I am not talking about the love between the 3 main characters, that is not my concern. They love each other and live peacefully, so far it is OK. But to make a point and to try to be such a great work of art this movie desperately tries to shock. The sex scenes start from the beginning of the movie and then you have the sick violent scenes. If you are the psycho type who enjoys watching people die, being tortured, pain, vivid images of people being shot, a whole through someone;s head as the guy gets shot, OK, then you will enjoy the movie. But if you are a normal sane person with no pro violence attitude, boy you're in for a "great" time. I felt like throwing up several times. spoiler The scene where they torture one of the cartel guys is horrible. He is being whipped until his eye comes out and they actually show that, this movie really raised my blood pressure and made my heart hurt. But then again, I should have known from the first 10 minutes when you see some heads that were recently chopped off their bodies... A good action movie can be made without being extremely visual and disturbing... Unless the target of the movie is psychopaths and serial killers, in that case they have to show such stuff to make their day... Sarcasm aside, I would def not recommend this movie to anyone and def. don;t take your kids with you... A total waste of time, full of plot holes and pretty bad acting too... The only one who deserves some credit is Benicio del Toro, he plays his role very well because you truly hate him throughout the movie.