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Hit or Miss, but Hits HARD, 11 October 2006

I love the Kids. I used to stay up late in 6th and 7th grade at my friend's house to watch them and still watch whenever I can. I have to say though, sometimes I just do not understand what they are doing. Particularly the secretary skits and the Gavin skits. But that's a small price topay for some of the best sketch comedy I have ever seen.

I made my Dad watch it once, that was a mistake. He just sort of stared with his mouth open and I think he has thought I might be gay ever since.

"People think I have got the power cause I've got the monkeys. Nope. I've got the power because I'll let the monkeys loose."

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Speechless, 25 April 2006

When I was in 10th grade me and my buddy were up late at his house and were flipping around cable and started watching this movie. We watched it because it looked kind of funny and because it had boobs. But then the ending came and we just sat there completely speechless. I think after a minute of watching the credits roll he just sort of whimpered "Oh dude....." It goes from dumb 80's teen sex comedy to nihilistic realism so quickly that it catches you off guard. I have been trying to rent this movie for years and have not been able to find it - and nobody has ever seen it except for me and my friend - so it seems. But now it is available! I highly suggest renting it and brace yourself.

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Good Movie, Misleading/Bad Title, 16 June 2005

I always knew Michael Moore distorted things, but it never really bothered me. I like Bowling For Columbine, despite the gimmicks and misrepresentation that goes on in it. Those films (while not "documentaries) are a sort of "stand up" journalism and it was entertaining at least. F/11 was an inappropriate forum for Moore's style, went too far and was simply tasteless. That said, I don't hate Michael Moore, I sort of pity him. Anyway... I was reluctant to see this movie mainly and shallowly because of the title, but it was actually pretty good. There were a couple sophomoric parts I disagreed with, but the guy who made it (Mike Wilson) seems like a genuine guy, and is not mean spirited at all. The movie is not really about Moore, but rather what America means to Wilson. He is a very simple person with simple views - not stupid, but simple. The parts that involve Michael Moore are essentially about his approach to documentary making, and what objectivity means - especially if one is pursuing it. It's worth a watch - don't get freaked out by the title. Wilson explains the title is more a comment on the shrillness of political discourse in America right now. (I would have gone with a different title still.) All in all go rent it.