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This is based on actors that can immerse themselves in roles, that captivate an audience and can bring scripts, and characters to life, even if movie is fiction or non fiction. Of course there are many more maybe some one can make a part 2 but I did not want to make this list too broad. Please comment on additions for this list
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This list is compiled of great comedians that are in our era of the 2000's. A new generation of comedy, and comedians. This brings alot of talent. This list is no particular order. This is for the comedians that started to make it really big in the 2000's.
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List of actors that play serious roles but are just funny even in serious movies
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This is hopefully accurate to the majority.No order
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These are movies that were good but were iffy in reviews.
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These are all genre's of shows. There is no particular order. There are probably more if so comment and I will add them