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movies that make you think that make you consider other things in life. it makes you think and you love it. movies that hit you in a way school teaches you that you will only find in a classroom. these movies proves differently, that sometimes the best lessons you learn is by just listening to a good story.

the movies are not in order and I will be updating the list while I watch and remember more memorable movies.
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the title says it all, some of these actors/actresses has the potential to win oscars... feel free to write down other young actors/actresses with great potential and leave your opinions.
btw, not in a perticulary order.

UPDATED! Now the list is a littlebit more updated. I'm well aware that some of these actors and actresses are allreday big stars, but as young actors/actresses they can always get bigger!
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These are the hottest actors in the universe. You will need sunglasses...;);););) ps. not in a perticuly order...
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I have listed the women I think should win a price for funniest actress, at least I have mentioned some of them, i don't think I remember everyone ;) ps. not in a particular order ;)
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these are all my favorite actresses ( the once i can think of now). The list is not in an order exept for Sandra Bullock who's my absolute favorite actress!!!
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here are some musicians who have won oscar for soundtrack or even for performing in the movie please write down if I've forgotten someone
btw, not in a perticulary order.
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these are some actors and actresses who died, but has done a difference in the movie world. All movie lovers out there own them everything!,please write down if i forgot someone and I will immediately put them on the list.
btw, in no perticulary order.
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Movies that will either make you cry or laugh, or maybe both. But you will remember them eitherway!
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I put some of the worst movies I've seen here, some of them I didn't even finish watching. this is just my opinion, feel free to share yours.
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These are the movies I watched a lot when I was a kid and of course I stil watch them ;)
The movies are not in a perticaly order. Leave comments on your opinions!! :)
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These are the movies I watched when I was a kid(and some new movies too), and I stil think that they are AWESOME :D!! Please leave a comment on other good ''kid'' movies and opinions :)
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These are the tv-series I have followed or are following now. Please leave a comment on other good series and opinions :)