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Best Characters on the T.V series of OZ from 1997 to 2003 and imo one of the most underrated series, everyone who is really wanting to understand some life's most unspeakable ways and effects should check this series out.
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Set in england 2000, a famous theater director is down on his luck and decides to direct a musical play with some of englends finest old time actors unfortunately they have all become one hit nobodys. Until the director finaly finds them and asks each to do the role.
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Ova`s and Movie`s included
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Brilliant, simply brilliant series that has been on Movie hold for almost as long as Jurassic Park 4 and will probably be longer. Though I have gathered a list of Actors I find would suit the roles 'imo' greatly, tell me what you think, I love knowing others opinion's.

Ending Song: Numb by Linkin Park (Choir Version)
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For this tribute I've gathered some words of wisdom to he gave to the world. And at the end you will find a link to a special tribute video to offer you're kind words to.

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A Cast set around my childhood favourite Anime Zoids, both Chaotic and New Century.

Note: Guardian Force and the others will not be included.

1st Film ZOIDS Vol.1 set around Chaotic Century till The Battle on Mt. Osa.
2nd Film ZOIDS Vol.2 set around Chaotic Century till The Battle with the Death Saurer.
3rd Film ZOIDS Vol.3 set around New Century and a completely different Storyline to Chaotic Century.
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My favorate Game of Thrones Characters and my favorate episodes they have had there characters develop in aswell as my favorate apperence in A song of Ice and Fire.
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A cast for one of the greatest game franchises, created into a TV series like American Horror Story/Twin Peaks/Masters of Horror. I am a really huge fan of this game series and I truly think I have an idle cast. Some many might not recognise, but I hope fans and horror/thriller goers and Directors might find interest in this franchise and see it as a great adaptation maker into a series. Please enjoy your stay and welcome to Silent Hill.
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I do not think actors that resemble there VG Characters are necessary.

Dragon Age Blight: 6 Episodes
Dragon Age Kirkwall: 6 Episodes
Dragon Age Inqusition: 8 Episodes
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For this Tribute I've made a brief history of his life. R.I.P You Grand Actor.

copy write of Wikipedia, Rotten Tomato's and The Artifice.
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my favorites to play these terrific characters.

p.s you might feel put off by some of my chooses because of the persons race, apperance, country of birth or age but in my mind would play out the character for the film terrific

p.p.s plese comment and let me know who you think should play these roles also make a top ten list of you`re favorate Mass Effect characters
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A completely Magical series. I would recommend it to anyone, again created from a master of fiction Yoshitoshi ABe (also the creator of TexhnOlyze) . This amazing series reminds me of film's like little women.

A dream of falling from the sky... and then birth. Rakka is born from a large cocoon into the Old Home, greeted by a group of females with small wings on their backs and shining halos above their heads. Soon Rakka’s own wings grow, a halo is placed on her head and she is told that she must work in the nearby town of Grie. She soon realizes that the town and the entire world they live in are confined behind the Wall, a tall, impenetrable wall that none except the mysterious Toga are allowed to exit.

Please Check out the Anime and also read the Doujinshi. But most of all, please try and make this happen. Beautiful Story that will make your soul feel awake for a second.
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There will never be another actor like his kind. R.I.P Elephant Man.

In Honour of the late John Hurt this tribute slide show will show some words of wisdom he left behind for us to follow. And at the end will be a link to a YouTube video of Hurt's Filmography.
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A Movie about the changing of WWE's direction in order to compete with rival company WCW. The story is focused from 1997 to 2001. Rated R (possible NC-17) for Sex/Nudity 8/10. Violence 9/10. Profanity 9/10. Drug Use 10/10. Intense Themes 9/10
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Well here we are again.

Age 20 going on 21.
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Based on the legendary game Heavy Rain.

A Serial Killer dubbed as The Origami Killer kidnaps children between 10-15 and kills them by drowning them in Heavy Rain. Ethan Mars a parent who has already suffered the lost of one child, finds his second and only child left kidnaped by the serial killer. Now a Father, an F.B.I Agent, a Private Investigator and a Journalist delve into the dark and disturbing investigation before The Origami Killer claims another victim.

Running Time of the film 129 Minutes
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This list is a cast for a Two Part TV Movie or Cinema Film Produced by HBO that covers the history of Game of Thrones set in Robert's Rebellion. The story should be two parts, AKOB should end when Robert declares war.

AKOB Running Time: 125 Minutes
AROH Running Time: 182 Minutes

P.S Just for fun. The Ending song for the last film should be

AKOB- The Old Ways- Loreena McKennitt
AROH- Beautiful Ones- Poets of the Fall
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A Marvellous young actor with, so much talent that could of spread across through generations. Through the years, you've touched the hearts of many with the characters you've portrayed, and yourself.

All Quotes are from Anton Yelchin.

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Kill La Kill is a fantastically made anime that if made into a film should reminisce films like The Fifth Element and be handled like a Hollywood Blockbuster or Marvel Film.

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To pay tribute to Alan Rickman, I've sorted out some of his most well known characters and given them each a great quote from there films.
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For this list I've compiled 10 quotes from the Star Man himself to pay tribute to him. Also 10 of his songs.

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This might become a traditional thing.

AGE: 19 going on 20 next year.
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Loved The Game a lot, it deals with how strange life is but that if you could change everything to you're liking, something else will happen to try to prevent that. This is a Teen High School Drama Film with some supernatural themes to it. This is like The Butterfly Effect revamped and re created. I Strongly suggest you play the Five Episodes of the Game.

'I'm the Fury in your Head'
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Again no Reason this has to be a film, let alone a film that should be filmed by Western Country's so basically this is just a fan list other than a more seriously taken cast lists I've created before hand.
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The controversial tale of WWE superstar Chris Benoit is not to be taken lightly, Liev Schreiber was in talking's but has now confirmed he will not portray Chris Benoit. So who will? who should? here are some people I would like to nominate. I'm still looking for people as well give me your suggestions if you know anything about Chris Benoit
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To Honour the late Wes Craven, I have picked some inspiring Quotes from him and a small biography.

Copyright of, Wikipedia and
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Set in the 1980's France In an alternative history were Nazi Germany won World War 2. Amidst the public riots of the French people who riot because of suppressing power of the Nazi's over Paris. A local terrorist group plans to kill A Part of Nazi Dynasty, Anselm Hitler (Hitler's future grandson). After a botched attack, The Wolf Brigade (Hitler's Special Police, that can be made from anyone as long as they are sworn to the Aryan race) is sent out to kill the terrorists and anyone in there way. One terrorist girl heads into the sewers to escape but is Cornered by one of the Wolf Brigade Solders. The Girl then revels a bomb on detonation, The Solider refuses to shoot and instead simply asks the Girl "Why?" the bomb is then detonated. The U.S Government under Nazi Authority looks into this terrorist conspiracy and the corporal is discharged. After which he heads back to Paris to pay his respects to the dead woman, when he notices a girl who look just like her.


After witnessing the suicide bombing of a terrorist girl, Constable Kazuki Fuse becomes haunted by her image, and is forced to undergo retraining for his position in the Capital Police's Special Unit. However, unknown to him, he becomes a key player in a dispute between Capital and Local Police forces, as he finds himself increasingly involved with the sister of the very girl he saw die.

Based on the critically acclaimed anime film Jin-Roh Wolf Brigade, I have chosen these people for the roles of these characters. I've also given English Names to the characters for different film purposes.

Please Check out the Anime Film as it is one of the greatest achievements in ground breaking animation.
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Based on the beautiful, terrifying and thrilling visual novel Umineko No Naku Koro. From the creator of Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (When They Cry) comes the a story about an entire royal family who have been called back to there family's founding Island at the behest of the eldest member of the family. Little do they know there Island is magic and is the land of witches with cruel power that has been restored. Beatrice, the lovely golden princess of the Island and the brutal Golden witch that controls the island with her service of witches and help from a Shadow demon named Marabushi. But one family member refuses to believe magic exists. This causes a great repeating massacre that will see all the family members turn on each other. Only Battler can save them from this nightmare.

These Symbols represent the placement the characters, there family ties and there witch and magic ties.

U for Ushiromiya- They are the family bloodline and are the soul heirs to the Island

O for Significant Other- As in the one who is married to but is not blood of Ushiromiya.

W is for Witch- They are the main antagonists of the film and seek to overtake the Island in secret.

F is for Furniture- They are the servants of the castle and to the witches slaves, or how Beatrice likes to call them Furniture

S- Is for The Shadow Demon Marabushi, who is able to bend the will of time.

Seven Stakes of Purgatory- They are the assassins and weapons created by Beatrice in order to play the game of death, Marabushi is placed as there master and uses them to kill the family members, each of the seven represent a specific demon and a specific sin.
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my top 10 movies i guarantee everybody should see and will love

and 5 more
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Christopher Lee has touched us all, his career as an Actor is a flawless Legacy. Now he's gone, some consider this an End of an Era, isn't it always when a brilliant inspiration dies. But here I leave you with moments of his life achievements and his most valued beloved quotes. Here I leave A Tribute.

Christopher Frank Carandini Lee 1922-2015 R.I.P with love from us all.

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I am a Huge fan of the Hellsing Comic, Anime, OVA's and I can't help but think this would make a great Trilogy.

The Trilogy would probably be like this.
Hellsing I The Rose's Blood
Hellsing II The Saint's Cross
Hellsing III The Lion's Bravery

I would also like characters from the Anime to show up and become major characters.

P.S I personally believe these are great choices for these Cinematic characters. Despite what some might say about there Age, Origin and Race. Please let me know what you think.
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Because it's funny and many will love it, and screw you if you don't like it
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Some people I would have a good feeling about them working together and would like to see

Let me know who you would like to see in a film together. I might add it.
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Based on the Acclaimed VN and Anime Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. Plus I would like the Movie to just be 1 film once and forever and set around the first season. I know this will probably never happen, but if it did, these would be my ideal actors to play these historical characters.

Since time twisting is involved I think the movie should play out like '11:14' and repeat the events in a different arc of the story. With the mind bogglers being Shion/Mion's and Akasaka's Storylines which one will be set before the events of the main plot and the other leading into another's story. The Year will still be set in 1983

Plus Since this very well could be a Western take on the series/film/VA's I will Add an English name that I feel is appropriate to the name of the character the name is for.

STORY ARCS overall Movie Time- 180 Minutes
Keiichi's Story Arc- 40 min
Mion's Story Arc- 30 min
Satoko's Story Arc- 30 min
Akasaka's Story Arc- 20 min
Shion's Story Arc- 20 min
Rena's Story Arc- 40 min

Ending Song: Calling by The Birthday Massacre
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p.s I believe the film should be shot in Australia
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Californication is a grand show that gives some very unique characters. I include Best Characters of Each Season.
a list of 34 titles
Best Picture 9 |
Best Actress 5 |
Best Actor 5 |
Best Supporting Actor 5 |
Best Supporting Actress 5 |
Best Director 5 |
Best Editing 5 |
Best Make Up 3 |
Best Cinematography 5 |
Best Sound Editing 5 |
Best Sound Mixing 5 |
Best Score 5 |
Best Original Screenplay 5 |
Best Adapted Screenplay 5 |
Best Costume Design 5 |
Best Production Design 5 |
Best Song 4 |
Best Visual Effects 5 |
Best Animated Film 5 |
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I know that this will never happen, and if it did I would recommend a full Japanese cast be the go. But please watch the series and read the Manga. Without a doubt the greatest Fantasy Journey I've been on (LOTR aside) Again if there were any possibility of an English Cast, I would like a Britten Set Cast.
Plus Just for Fun. How about telling me what song you'd like for each ending of the Decology, also for fun I would like to predict the rank of the film by IMDB, Metacritic and Rotten Tomato's ratings.
I Transcending Time. 7.5, 64, 68%
II The Priestess. 7.0, 63, 65%
III The Secret of Naraku. 6.9, 56, 58%
IV Heart of A Half Demon. 7.4, 70, 77%
V Journey of A Thousand Miles. 6.8, 51, 54%
VI The Band of Seven. 7.3, 60, 57%
VII Heart of Blackness. 7.6, 73, 80%
VIII Completion of The Sacred Jewel. 7.7, 75, 82%
XI When The End Comes. 7.5, 69, 67%
X Tomorrow. 7.8, 69, 74%
a list of 9 images Please here these songs, 2014 for me is the last gap between me and my childhood, so please watch.
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Boardwalk Empire is without a doubt, The greatest TV Series about the Prohibition Era and of course arguably one of The Greatest TV Series of all time. For it's final season I have looked back on 5 great years this series has been on. I feel like the 20's was the decade of the true Original Gangster.
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A Tribute to a Natural born Director.

Copywrite of Wikipedia and Brainyquote
a list of 37 characters
Boardwalk Empire is one of the most intense, dramatic, violent and thrilling TV Shows ever. With great outstanding characters in every direction. This is my Top 37 characters of Boardwalk Empire imo, and what my favourite quote, episode and season was from each character.
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A 2 Part film Based on one of the most brilliant original anime series.


Main Character
Major Character
Supporting Character
Minor Character

Organizations and Agencies

*Pavlichenko Family*
*Section 4 Police*
*Evening Primrose*
*PI Agency*
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I know they are related. I just know
a list of 30 characters
The Best Sopranos caharacters imo and also my favorate acting ability from 1 to 30, 1 being the best actor on the tv show, again imo.
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I recently saw a stage play of Dollhouse and I could not help but think of how much of a Tim Burton film it felt like. I have now decided to give you the Cast for a film I'm surprised is not made yet.
a list of 33 characters
My favourite characters from The Walking Dead series and game imo, and my favourite episode they performed in and were most realised in character development imo.
a list of 30 characters
My favourite characters on the Best Vampire T.V Show imo and my rating of the actors Best to less performance on each season
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A cast for a film based the famous internet Creepypasta. Jeff The Killer. I highly recommend you read the story as it is one of the most saddest, creepy and thrilling stories. And shows what even the most innocent types of people are capable of becoming or what's really hidden inside.
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On August 11 2014 tragedy struck everyone to hear of the death of legendary Stand Up Comedian and Actor Robin Williams. This is a Tribute to showcase the side of Williams everyone knew him as.
a list of 30 characters
A Year where almost every Character made you Feel or Touched your Heart
a list of 30 characters
a list of 30 characters
a list of 30 characters
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For anyone who does not know about this Cult Anime series. I highly recommend checking it out, It has essences of Ghost in the Shell mixed with a bit of Cowboy Bebop and topping it of with shades of Jin Rho wolf brigade. Other then that, this series has a brutal truth about it, only few anime's can truly succeed at dramatic and grim views of the apocalypse and what people become after it. This creation is a masterpiece at showing how grim the world can become. I also think it would make a terrific film, or films. since the length is very long and every scene is critical to the story. Keep in mind this is a film that inspires more cult themes then exciting ones. Here is a cast I'm sure would be perfect for the characters they would portray. I would also think although the cast is not Japanese's, They should set it in Britain.

And Remember "If there's anything you want, anything at all. Come to me, I'll be your Guardian Angel"
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Instead of Paying Tribute to an actor, I'm sure many of you know and love. I will pay Tribute to him by compiling a bunch of his quotes about life and himself.

He was a very incredible actor, And a great judge of life itself

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Just a few people I think would do well, give me your suggestion's on who you would like
a list of 22 people
Just a few people I think would do well, give me your suggestion's on who you would like
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I loved the first Silent Hill movie, it justified that videogame base movies can be good, but (Revelation 3D) made any possibility of a continuation of that Silent Hill storyline shit. Now if they were to reboot and start from scratch to make the storyline very much like the games. Or hell, they could make a TV series like American Horror Story. But anyway here is a group of Director's I would like.
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Believe it or not this is a trilogy. I might be the only one to interpret this as a trilogy, but I hope many of you could see the relevance it has to be a trilogy. A trilogy about the growth of the country of Africa.
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A list defining the long life of an underrated actor that deserved so much more. But the success he achieved is enough to wink a tear away from your eye.

Copy write from Wikipedia, NYtimes,, The Improper and Yaho Movies
a list of 10 titles
The best GTA games in order

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The Prequel to my Red Dead Redemption Cast

p.s I truly think these are good choices to play these great characters despite there age, origin or race.
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A list of people I think would be a good choice for the Death Note film adaptation.
a list of 30 characters
Twin Peaks is without a doubt the most suspenseful TV Series around and it is also one of the only few series that can maintain a cast of large quantity and keep all of there characters interesting. This list also IMO a 1 to 30 rank of best acting they will have the word A next to the number.
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a list of all the superhero actors that i know let me know if i have left anyone out
a list of 55 titles
Best Acting ensamble's that brought the peek of the film to proffestional, again this is one of my lists that are IMO but I also criticly beleave this aswell. In no order
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Counting down his top ten favorate films. The man to me is and will forever be a legend to film critics around the world

P.S Copywrite from Wikipedia, and, plus some spoilers on the films
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A well loved young famous female singer has recently been engaged to a new guy who seems almost perfict from everyone's pov even our female protaginest. But even so she seem's bored and clinging to her ex boyfriend who is more incomprehensive as a boyfriend lacking in many loving traits,and insted replaced by more exciting ones. Overall she finds herself streching further from her fiancee, and he can see why. Nice guys finsh last? *beep* that noise
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My favorate people to play these cinematic characters

p.s I beleave the movie will be so long that they will have to spilt it into two parts. The first film ending at killing Bill Williamson at Escalera
Red Dead Redemption Part 1 Outlaws to the end
Red Dead Redemption Part 2 Deadman's gun
a list of 30 characters
Star wars saga is the a brilliant franchise and these are my top 30 characters in all 6 movies. p.s update when episode 7 is released
a list of 4 characters
Never made it to potraying ten characters. But left us with icons that he did play. God rest your soul John Cazale we must Never forget you R.I.P
a list of 10 characters
my favorate Heath Ledger characters imo
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a movie cast that would be great in a DRAMA movie
a list of 10 characters
Clint Eastwoods top 10 acted characters in my opinon