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A list of all the Blu-ray's in my collection
a list of 120 titles
a list of 38 titles
A listing of movies in my collection that were based on a comic book.
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This is a list of war movies that I watch frequently and just can't wait to see them again.
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A listing of the science fiction movies I own.
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This list contains all the sports related movies in my DVD collection and includes my personal take on each movie.
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A list of holiday movies in my collection that we watch every year during Christmas time.
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This listing includes the DVD's in my collection that are not Anamorphic and will be replaced with Blu-ray or DVD's that have been enhanced for 16:9 TV's
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Widely called the best year in cinematic history for classic movies, this list celebrates my personal choice for best movies of the year as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of this stellar year in film.
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A look at the most recognizable films of the year 1964.