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i will admit i have not seen every episode of every show but i have seen at least 1 episode of every show its in some semblance of order
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not in order how can u put 50 plus years of tv in order i have seen alot of these but not nearly all of them not even close alot of these are shows ppl tell me i have to watch and shows i have seen a few episodes of
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there is no way i could ever put this list in order it would take years and no cartoons made this harder than you would think
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i tried to keep the list with shows less then 5 season even though im sad king of the hill and tales from the crypt were and others were cancelled they had a good run this list is shows that ended before they got a real shot
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the complete list from 1 -250 each and every movie is great if not epic. the order is right for me it may not be right for you. but i personally think the order is amazing how the hell any one can make a list this outstanding i do not know. all the movies on the list must be seen cant think of a single great movie that i left out but its only to 250 so there are some i wanted to put on but there was not room. every single one belongs. trilogy's counted as 1 whole movie if a writer wrote a book would u just read the first few chapters or last few chapters of the book and judge it. if not then why would you look at movies like that just because u went to bed and watched the second one the next day u judge it separately, you wouldn't do that to a book. No comedy's how can u compare star wars to space balls, and yes i know the big lebowski is a comedy but its not like caddy shack and its just that amazing. No foreign films how are u suppose to appreciate the acting and scenery when your trying to read something id rather just read a book, and yes there are 2 on the list but i just think there that good. Nothing b4 1970 the wizard of oz is the only movie from before 1970 i would watch more than a few times movies just weren't that good back then sorry if u disagree but its the truth weather u admit it or not. and yes i know 2001 is 1968 but its frigging Kubrick come on suggestions and comments will be appreciated
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these movies had potential they could have been not only good but great but they did not want to spend the money on good directors or good actors or good writers or one of those ppl just said ok i made a great movie once and im not gonna make another great sequel it makes me mad cause the idea is great and solid but the movie sucked
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i down right hate some of these movies and i like some of them alot but i don't agree with ppl saying these movies are top 10 or top 20 material all of thses movies are sooo over rated
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there ment to showcase an actor or actress and not ment to be one of the great movies that we wont forget. there ment to make u go wow the first time u see it and then not even rember or even care enough to rember . FIGHT CLUB i could watch over and over a hundred time and still love it. these movies i dont even want to watch more then once or twice. im not saying these movies arent good they are but they just arent great
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thses are not just blood soaked slashers. i love blood and guts as much as any guy, but these are truly scary creepy horrifying movies if ur looking for a scare heres ur dare. there not in order so please look at the whole list and comment as offten as u desire. let me know of any that u think i missed. im always looking for good gore
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i cant put this list in order it would take years theses are not just blood soaked slashers these are real horror and they are real good if u dont agree with them then comment what movie is not and why its not horror
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manny of u are probably wondering where is empire of the sun, lawrence of Arabia, English patient and schindlers list even though they took place during a war they are not war movies. all of these are war movies. stripes and mash are comedy's
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