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This movie wasn't suppose to make Gilligan's Island look good, 4 June 2008

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This movie didn't make sense at all. My rule is if it's not a comedy and it's move funny than dramatic then it's not serving it's purpose. It was like Gilligan's Island gone horribly wrong. First of all; why couldn't they get one person to take them away years before the daughter became grown. The first mother came their with her husband but couldn't get out, that was kind of understandable. The daughter grew up and had a child of her own, a girl, and she couldn't get anyone to drive her into town. I don't get why the plot was about her 59 years like her mother didn't exist. The daughter/grand-daughter was a trip and she gave the movie it's comedic edge but there's were the problem comes to light.Everything she did was wrong and wouldn't have been fun if the movie was good and made sense. It hurt the film when the lady that first played the Grandma was used to play the mother and the young woman used to play the daughter played her own daughter.

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May Contain Spoiler Though Not Sure I'm Really Talking About The Movie As Much As The Actors, 22 May 2008

This was truly an up the middle movie. It started out really good but when Christina Ricci's character started her career it became really awful really fast. I liked Cate Blanchett's character but not her Russian accent. (Egads, that sucked lemons!) I liked John Turturro performance but I have to laugh when I think about the one seen where he was in the church. (He looked like he was giving himself the finger lol.) I don't know if Cate was not into him or John wasn't in to her or if it it was suppose to look like that but their lovemaking scenes weren't that great. I mean they were OK but not great. Johnny Depp was boring though he did capture intense a couple of times he really missed the passion train. Here he was playing a gypsy and he had absolutely no fire. He didn't turn me on at all and I'm not saying it to be mean or that I'm some great catch. His love-making scenes were rigid. He had no connection with Ricci's character. I have never seen anyone make sex look so boring in all my life. I did like the story,though it was uneven. I hated the death scene but loved the reuniting. I hope Johnny Depp never reads this thing.

"Ironside" (1967)
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Wow what happened?, 13 September 2007

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Ironside started out as a great show about a physically challenged police officer that could fight crime. He had 2 police officers and one aide as his sidekicks. The police officers and aide were like his family and you could actually see the love and affection he had for them and they him. The stories were about all of them interacting with oneanother and I just love the programming from the 60's anyway because of the feel but this program went sour about 1969 and later.

The first mistake is they changed writers. Secondly, the stories became more mysteries than drama. Thirdly the family seemed to be more about fitting into the mysteries than living actual lives. I liked to see each actor shows his or her character. Eve was a rich girl, Ed was an average Joe, and Mark was a guy who turned his life around for the better. When the show changed so did the characters except for the Ironside. There was too much spy nonsense, diamond heists, art thefts and all in out corniness. Gone were the days that they operated as a team and lived as a family. (I'm not getting into Eve's replacement, Fran and how she just ruined the dynamics of the unit.)

The only thing that got better was the change in music to the latest them but if that was in place of a good script than it was not worth it.

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It once had meaning, 5 September 2007

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When they killed off John Amos's character they killed the show. He was the vital part of the info structure. You had a story of an inner city family's struggling to make it the best way they knew how. They were poor, they were black, and they were living proof that if you have Jesus and your family that nothing is too hard. Sure James would lose jobs and JJ would fail in school but the family always managed to find a way.

James was the strong male role model that earned the income and disciplined the children. Florida was the strong lady that would everyone including James when he needed a shoulder to cry on or hug to make it. The kids had personalities and input which made them important as a family unit. Their neighbor Willona was also a key element because she represented not only a friend but some dear enough to be family. Things were bright, gritty, funny, and honest until they changed the course of the program. James dies and JJ took over the show.

Flo was still mom, Thelma was blossoming into a lady and Michael was still the militant midget but JJ was the show. We were expected to believe that the family with no father or prominent bread winner was going to be able to stay in the apartment. I guess James's paycheck didn't do much for the family. They were only threatened with eviction because they said they were moving and not because no one in the house was working. I know that JJ, Flo, Thelma and even Michael eventually got jobs but come on here be for real. James worked so much that you could feel for him but the others weren't realistic at all and that's a shame.

JJ was the comic relief but I felt the show need substance. It's OK to be funny but they had a chance to show a real family and what it took to survive in the real world and they threw it all away on a few laughs. Michael's character almost disappeared while the rest of the cast slipped into the shadows of the JJ Evan's show. I mean really, here was a guy that was failing in school, he kept getting laid off, and he painted for money in about two episodes. James had always been there to encourage his talent but Flo and the rest of the family didn't seem to care.

Why did it take him so long to understand that painting was what he was meant to do? He could have sold painting's on the street or worked for people that print billboards and cards. (He did but something went wrong with that.) Why did he not make it and why did the others give up on their dreams? I'll tell you why, it was because they didn't have a father in their life to care and to cheer them on and their mother stopped being their to support their dreams. The show stopped teaching us about growing, building and learning and started teaching us about gimmicks and catch phrases. They should have kept James. If any show needed a father it was that one.

Bird (1988)
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I really enjoyed this movie., 25 July 2003

I. feel that the person that wrote negative things about the movie "Bird" missed the point. He mentioned the fact that the movie didn't go into the interracial marrige of Charlie and Chan Parker. I for one am glad that it didn't. I hate movies that beat the audience over the head with the fact that people can't, won't,and don't except blacks and whites in relationships that are positive. I felt that even though Mr. Parker had an addiction to drugs and had a wondering eye at times, he truely loved his wife. Mrs Parker not only loved her husband the jazz musician but her husband the man and looked out for his well being as best she could. The movie never let me forget that he was an addict but it also showed his genious and creativity. I'd give it a 9 because there was an uneveness about it that made it less than pefect. I truely wished that they had shown more of how he interacted with other greats like Miles Davis and Art Blakey.