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These movies will make you laugh. Some are for the laugh, some also have a feel good effect.
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These are movies that I did't watch from beginning to end, or movies that I will forget I watched unless I list them here. But You will understand that they never interested me enough...
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I don't watch so many, but here they are, from my childhood and till today.
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Some are scary, some are funny. But these are all good movies.
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The best movies will be on top! These are either psychological thrillers or ghost stories or real horror movies that I have watched. Action thrillers will not be rated here. Even some movies are better, they will go down the list because I prefer newer movies on top. Rated from one time viewing.
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This list will provide movies that has that little extra that makes you emotionally involved. The best will be on top, and it will contain many new movies.
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These will be movies with a great story, that will keep you excited throughout the movie.
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The best ones will be on top.
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Just thinking about these man make me smile. And when I see them in action, they bring out the laughter in me.
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Horrific animals, sharks, alligators, insects...Anything apart from zombies that will eat you alive!
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