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Se7en (1995)
7 Cardinal Sins ( Could the freak be any more vague?)
27 November 2013
I've watched this true masterpiece several times over the years,I have yet to watch a film that comes anywhere near it in terms of pure horror at the lengths humans will go to inflict pain on each other... The brilliance of this film is you don't see the acts been done,it's left to your own imagination. Brad Pitt,Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey are fantastically cast , the setting is wet and dark,( you never find out where the city is meant to be ).A Constant feeling of dread runs through this film which I can only say is an absolute must watch movie. Its is in my(and many others) opinion, probably one the best films ever made in the history of film making .. WATCH IT!
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Breaking Bad: Felina (2013)
Season 5, Episode 16
Well done!
30 September 2013
I have watched this show in the UK (even though it is relatively unknown here) for a couple of years now,watching it get better and better as the seasons went on. We binged watched the first 3 seasons to catch up with the USA and have never enjoyed a show as much as this since the Sopranos.

Very well written,acted,directed and produced.I can not fault it in anyway,It has a brilliant black comedic theme to it.I will miss the characters and their antics, plus, I believe it will be an awful long time before something as brilliant as this comes along again . 10/10 from me and him indoors :) I highly recommend that you now go and hire the box set if you have not yet seen it and catch up with the rest of the world.
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Safe Haven (I) (2013)
Loved it
28 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I adore everything Josh Duhamel does and this is no exception! I utterly loved this film .. It is a great feel good film full of laughs and tears.The acting is good and I cared about the characters. The story is about Katie who is running away from something and just wants a "safe haven" to rebuild her life.I don't want to spoil it so Im not going to say anymore but watch it and bring the handkerchiefs ..your going to need plenty of them ! Writing 10 lines is a bit hard when your trying to not give the plot away, the two child actors are adorable and believabe and Juilanne Hough who plays Katie is going to be a huge star watch for her.
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funniest Christmas film ever!!
19 November 2012
I have been watching this film for over 20 years, each day to the run up to Christmas its on my TV and I never tire of it,

It always makes me laugh and highly recommend to everyone to watch it ... Clark Griswold and his calamitous family try to make it through a Christmas all together , even cousin Eddy's arrival doesn't dampen Clark's spirit. The cast are brilliant,the scenes hilarious,and we can all relate to certain scenes throughout the film. Everything Clark touches turns to rubbish but he still perseveres and does not give up. Laugh out loud funny and one you will watch every year . No other Christmas film lives up to this standard (Bill Murrey's Scrooged comes a close second.)
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Wanderlust (2012)
Utter Rubbish
13 June 2012
The beginning started really funny with some genuinely laugh out loud moments... But within 20 minutes the entire movie turned upside down with crass moments and extremely unfunny one liners. I was really disappointed as I love both Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd as comedic actors but both failed miserably in this film. There is a lot of unwarranted nudity.. (men's bits dangling in your face). Followed by uncomfortable pointless scenes. Don't waste two hours of your life on this film as you WILL be so annoyed with yourself for not listening to my advise .

2/10 max! Go and rent a different DVD
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One of the most creepiest movies I have ever seen......
14 February 2012
thoroughly enjoyed this movie and its a long time since I've seen an audience jump the way they did here. Grown men ashamed at the way they got sucked into the chills! And that's why the film is so effective, it plays on a constant sense of dread as the films unfolds which is why the shock moments (and they keep on coming!!)are so effective. Extremely creepy and atmospheric from the outset with great use of the period.

I actually completely forgot the fact I was watching the ex-boy wizard! Very assured performance from Mr Ratcliffe leaving us in no doubt that he has left H Potter esquire behind him.
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Absolutely Brilliant..Clooney at his best!
22 January 2012
I utterly adored this film,its funny, sad and completely entertaining. The story revolves around a family shattered by a devastating boating accident that they struggle to cope with, but non more so than Clooney.

George Clooney carries the film exceptionally well with a touching portrayal of a man thrown out of his depth and desperately trying to come to terms the events unfolding around him. Suddenly he finds he has to take charge of a family that has grown completely dysfunctional as he is forced into the unfamiliar territory of being lead parent.

It's a beautiful, mesmerising performance underlined by a deft comedic touch. Given the subject matter this could have been a very dour film but Clooney and and exceptional cast make this an uplifting experience against the breathtaking backdrop of the Hawaiian islands
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3 January 2012
I thought The Inkeepers was OK. Not brilliant but definitely watchable,the dark comedic factor is what was most enjoyable about the film,not the "Ghosts". The 2 main leads are on 24hour watch as the Inn is closing down and the owner is away on holiday. There are genuinely very creepy scenes and scares in this movie plus some very funny moments between the two leads as they try to find the Ghost that haunts the Inn. Kelly McGillis (Top Gun ) also features in the movie but took a while to recognize her. I also felt the ending left an awful lot of unanswered questions. I would rate it 6/10 for it been different and the fact you haven't got the stereotypical handsome main leads,plus the camera shots are brilliant. Give it a go but don't expect to make sense at the end....
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