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...Gorgeous Asian actresses, here are the tops
Not a ranking-no particular order. Asian actresses from the Far East or of Oriental ancestry
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I don't know too many of the really young actresses, so this list will be mostly actresses of a more mature age. Not a ranking.
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These characters were so bad, so mean, such backstabbers, such A**holes, you just wanted to choke them!
Not ranked, just a list
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Hot female aliens, Superheroes (who may or may not have superpowers/supervillians too), and other non-human type hotties (vampires, werewolves, witches, etc...)
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No particular order
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In no particular order, NOT a ranking list, just as they came to my mind
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Not in any given order..just as they came to mind.
Some may not look like redheads, but these are TRUE redheads mixed with dyed for roles redheads
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Some of these characters annoy me more than fingernails across a chalkboard!
Not a ranking. Appreciate any help on those I may have missed. This is a living list!
I wanted to add SNOOKI, THE DONALD, AND SARAH PALIN to the list but since they are real (yeah, right) people and not characters, they were not recognized
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I don't laugh out loud too often during movies, but these got me going! They are in no particular order, just as they came to mind...It is NOT a ranking
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Some of the most beautiful Latina women in TV and the movies
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If I had any of these women as my mom I would kill myself
In honor of Mothers Day
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Some of these I couldn't get past 15 minutes...This is not a ranking list, they are in no particular order, just as they came into my mind.
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No particular order, just crappy sequels that all sucked.
Or remakes of movies that should have been left alone
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Not anime, but animated movies. I am middle aged and I still love a good cartoon! No particular order. A few TV shows thrown in for good measure
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Best Tough Guys & Bad Asses (and Gals) on TV
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As much blood and gore as a video game!
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Non Horror scary movies. just some flat out scary dudes and dudettes in these flicks
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Cartoons and other shows
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Most of these are pretty current, and if you notice, are mostly so-called reality shows and game shows. I look forward to your suggestions. Not a ranking, except for Jersey Shore
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Best TV & Movie Moms around...In honor of Mothers Day
Suggestions welcome...
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Haven't gotten past my sci-fi/fantasy types yet, but a growing list. Stay tuned for more additions. Moving slowly into thriller/action/adventure.
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Movies most annoying Sidekicks, 2nd fiddles and supporting actors/actresses. No particular order. Had to start a new one with just TV characters, list was getting too long
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Some of the best movies you probably saw, but forgot about. Worth seeing again. Not in any particular order - NOT a ranking
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Although they played bad guys, you felt yourself rooting for least I did
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Supposed actors, actresses, reality show wannabees, etc that just drive me batshit crazy!
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Sometimes you just can't get better than the original
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If I could have a Harem, these gorgeous women would be in it...purely for fun of course! No particular order and older women in their prime (no offense), but some actually look better now!
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Brothers, Sisters, Daughters, Sons, Husbands or Wives of actor/actresses who should have found a different profession
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In no particular order except for Johnny Depp, my clear #1
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I had a crush on these actresses while growing up...Young boys liked older women back then too...and some my age too
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This is a living list...your suggestions are welcome
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Movies that didn't get a lot of publicity, but I thought were terrific
Not a ranking.