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Crude disaster that cost BP $54 Billion, 1 October 2016

Peter Berg's explosive and dramatic true life disaster movie about Deepwater Horizon's crude blowout on 20th April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. The director explores the tragic story of corporate greed, faulty equipment, power failures, computer crashes,leaks, human error and the failure to heed prior safety warnings from March 10ths and 21st incidents.

Clear cast with Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell but the script over focuses on Walhberg's story at the expense of his 125 coworkers. Berg concentrates on six characters making it difficult to follow the real story of those who lost their lives. Although the film makes no claim to be accurate, the fact it is a true story hints it is documentary. Respect is paid in the final film credits to those who lost their lives.

The film is dramatic and captivating with indiscreet digs at BP Directors J.Brown and T.Hayward but fails to explain Deepwater Horizon's aftermath and the resulting litigation against BP, guilty of 11 cases of manslaughter. As BP blamed Transocean (Hyundai) Halliburton & Cameron and action $40 billion in lawsuits. The US Government received a $18.7 billion settlement from BP. BP estimate it will cost a total of $54 billion in fines, settlement and clean up costs as over 700,000 gallons of crude oil went into the sea over 87 days, damaging wildlife and the environment.

Expensive production, pyrotechnics, cast script conflicts, survival story line should guarantee return on the director's investment and send out a powerful reminder of BPs unforgivable record of 11 cases of corporate manslaughter, neglect, safety failures and corporate greed.

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Great Expectations - as great as expected? or not another one?, 19 November 2012

Never a dull moment in Mike Newell's Great Expectations, a classic tale of rags to riches set in Victorian London. Dramatic adaptation of this classic English novel. Our Victorian Romeo and Juliet are Pip (Jeremy Irvine) and Estella (Holly Grainger). The film centres around their melodramatic relationship with each other and their parents, Stella's Miss Haversham (Helena Bonham Carter)and Pip's Magwitch (Ralph Fiennes).

Great characters, great cast, great script with Estella's 'You must know I have no heart, I was made that way' and 'I was brought up to reek revenge on all men' in contrast to Pip's 'Everything I have ever done I have done for you' and 'I have loved you since I first saw you in this house.'

Best performance, Miss Haversham's pensioner in a bridesmaid's dress.

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One shot at the truth or zero and not a hero?, 10 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

US Army Police Major Jack Reacher arrives in town to investigate 5 sniper shootings by Barr (Joseph Sikau) whose only words to the Police are 'get Jack Reacher'. Based on the thriller 'One Shot' by British author Jim Grant aka Lee child, directed by Tom Cruise and the talented Joseph Deschanel. Detective Emmerson (David Oyelowo) thinks he has got an iron clad case. Everything changes when Reacher arrives to clear his name. He meets Barr's lawyer, Helen (Rosamund Pyke) trying to clear Barr's name against the wishes of her District Attorney father, Alex Rodkin (Richard Jenkins). She gets herself captured by Zec and the Russian Mafia before being rescued by Reacher. A Robert Duvall appearance as Cash plus stunning martial art fightscenes with all the precision of pure physics make this into the best military Columbo this Christmas, as Reachers concern for what is right gets to the truth with an explosive finale. 15 other books to choose from for the sequel....Have a guess?

Limitless (2011/I)
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The future is bright, the future is limitless, 4 April 2011

LIMITLESS -'a tablet a day and what i could do was limitless' Eddy Morra (Brad Cooper)from dealers & loan sharks to masseratis & CEOs.'I don't have delusions of grandeur, I have a recipe for grandeur'. Action thriller about clarity, perception & energy enhancing drug NZT48 - based on Alan Glynns debut novel Darkfields.The dream becomes a nightmare of side effects,withdrawal, diminishing supplies & assassination attempts by other users. Good performances by Anna Freil & Robert DeNiro with clever cinematography and a good soundtrack by Director Neil Burger - highly recommended viewing unlike getting clever at University for £9000 yr!!!!

London boulevard - going straight versus going back, 4 April 2011

ODD London GANGSTER REVENGE LOVE STORY about Mitchel (colin farell) going straight with actress /painter Charlotte(kiera knightlie) then going back with gangland boss Gant( ray winston). Film based on a novel by Ken Bruen and directed by American, William Monohan. Its Holland Park tea, art & cars vs Eastend Gangsters, drugs & violence - I warn you now - no happy ending with Thewllis & Farrell. Some odd, incoherent moments of gratuitous violence. Good supporting cast with Anna Freil, Thewllis and Winston make this film worth watching if maybe not worth buying when its released on video, later this year. Watch out for the Kasabian soundtrack and the Rolls Royce!

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'I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities.', 4 January 2014

Idris Elba & Naomi Harris star in the dramatic story of Nelson & Winnie Mandela's struggle for black rights in South Africa. Moving, informative portrayal of Madiba's(Xhosa clan name) life. From a Lawyer with South Africa's first black law firm Mandela & Tambo, to his imprisonment in 1962 after the Rivonia Trial. The film includes Winnie's controversial activism, her torture, house arrest, Brandfort, surveillance and solitary confinement for a 18 months in Pretoria by the apartheid government. Nelson's fight to become the first democratically elected President in South Africa was realised on 10th May 1994 after his release from prison on 11th February 1990. Awarded the Nobel Peace prize on 27th April 1994. Great performances by Idris Elba and Naomi Harris and well directed by J Chadwick, based on the autobiography by Mandela. Nominated for 3 golden globe awards for best song, best actor and best music score. Best quote of the film 'I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities.'

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How to beat the Holiday nightmares with Rise of the Guardians, 24 November 2012

William Joyce's collaboration with Dreamworks is an imaginative family film with a cluttered plot and brilliant animation. The film revolves around baddie Black Pitch's(Jude Law) attempts to bring Nightmares to children that are safely apprehended by Jack Frost (Chris Pine), Santa Claus(Alec Baldwin), the Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher), the Easter Bunny(Hugh Jackman) and the Sandman. Based on the book, Guardians of Childhood by Joyce (Director and Author), the movie is about hope and joy fighting fear and nightmares. Timed to perfection this Dreamworks Joyce 'escape the house,in laws and steps over the holidays and watch a film' advert is bound to be a winner with families all over the world.

Safe (2012/I)
Playing safe with numbers & cash in New York, 23 July 2012

Once upon a time in New York with a human abacus, bullets & a lot of wronguns for Mr Wright! New York gangster/cop action film about Luke Wright (Jason Statham) an ex cop and cage fighter who ends up the Guardian Angel of a gifted child named Mei (Catherine Chan) trying to escape the Triads & Russian Mafia. She has the code & he has the security - 4 bent cops & a lot of bullets. Together they break the code, the safe, collect the cash & the crime syndicate disc to buy themselves a new life. Entertaining, unbelievable yet possibly the best film 'the Stath' has done since Transporter 3. Directed by Boaz Yakin (KillBill) & Kevin Spacey with impressive fight scenes, firearms, car chases and a safe.

Mei:!Are we safe? Luke Wright: One day at a time, Mei. One day at a time.

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Entertaining and educational! A story that needs to be told, 13 October 2015

Suffragette (2015) is a Directoral collaboration between Sarah Gavron (Brick Lane) and writer Abi Morgan (Iron Lady), funded by the British Film Institute. Carey Mulligan is compelling as Maud watts, the Laundry worker who discovers the WSPU through Violet Miller (Ann Marie Duff) and Shopkeeper Edith Ellyn (Helena Bonham Carter). Their WSPU cohorts are Mrs Withers, Emily Davison, Mrs Haughton (Romola Garai)and WSPU founder Emmeline Pankhurst (Meryl Streep)who is only in the film for a few minutes. The film is an Historical drama, not biopic set in London that follows the early members of the Women's Social and Political Union and their radicalisation from peaceful protesters to law breakers. The film documents WSPU's secret meetings to discuss tactics when protests and parliamentary evidence fail to win women the vote. After further mistreatment by employers, police and political lies by Lloyd George the suffragettes decide to increase their activism through civil disobedience causing damage to Oxford Street windows, postboxes, churches and politicians homes. Police surveillance and arrests lead to the suffragette's imprisonment and hunger strikes. The script and acting is powerful and emotional and the film is a well directed attempt by Gavron to tell the Suffragettes story with compassion covering the impact on working class women, middle class educated women and the Gentry. The Director further develops socio-economic divisions by including the suffragettes husbands struggle to support their wives activism through Mr Watts, Mr Ellyn and Mr Haughton.

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How could you live so large and leave so little for the rest of us?, 23 July 2012

Bruce Wayne aka Batman(Chritsian Bale) returns from exile to protect Gotham from Bane(Tom Hardy) and a mercenary suewer army. Abandoned by Alfred(Micheal Caine) he befriends Catwoman(Ann Hathaway) to fights Bane's plans. After escaping prison, he releases the Police Force and detonates the bomb with the help of the BatPod, Commissioner Gordon( Gary Oldman) and a hot headed Police rookie, Blake aka Robin( Joseph Levitt). The final part in Chris Nolan's trilogy with some breath taking locations, stunts, characters, explosives, martial arts and fight scenes filmed in New York. Other locations; Inverness, Scotland, Pittsburg, USA, Romania, India and Wayne Manor aka Osterley Park House, London /Wollaton Hall, Nottingham.