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Sanctum (2011)
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Literally no point to this film!, 21 December 2016

It should be the case that anyone can watch any film and like that film. So, although this film is about caves - anyone who watches it should like it within reason. This film creates a lot of background information which simply bored me, maybe it was because I'm not into caves...

There's simply too many characters in this film. That is the first problem. I understand that there is a man and he has a child. But that's about it. I don't understand the need to have so many random characters. I didn't understand who was dying and when.

As the storyline unfolds... You're not interested in what is going to happen next. You don't feel attached to the character, it's like you don't care. You can tell the producers tried hard with the film. The acting is good and the camera work is good. The issue is the plot.

Not a bad thriller..., 17 August 2016

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The film starts off quite slow I'd say... It's supposed to be a thriller and for the 30 minutes I feel this film is not going to deliver. The first 30 minutes isn't boring, it's just not thrilling. Then after the film takes a very interesting turn. That's when you realise that the first 30 minutes were significant.

The film keeps you on edge and wondering what will happen. I think the film succeeds in the thriller genre unlike many other films. The film does take a creepy turn which I didn't really expect, but I suppose it adds to the creepiness of the film.

This isn't a film whereby you'd specifically remember it afterwards or recommend it to someone. But it's not a bad film by any means. I've seen a lot of films with a similar genre and they are shockingly boring! And this film is not boring...

I'd recommend this film... It's something to watch and it's not that long but beware of the creepiness in this film. I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to watch this film.


1. Why didn't Juliet escape from the stairs during the end scene? Surely that would make more sense?

2. How could she forgive her ex husband so quickly?

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Boring, unexplained plot holes and dodgy camera angle..., 8 August 2016

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This film has got to be one of the worst films I've ever seen. It's a predictable film, but what makes it so much more worse is the dodgy camera angle! The film's angle is extremely dodgy and the quality is not clear at all. So that combined with a bad plot is a recipe for disaster...

The film isn't interesting in the slightest. In fact the only interesting scene was the last one whereby the main character explained the whole film and what actually happened. I feel in an attempt to make the audience understand what was going on throughout the film, the camera crew and co explained small stuff to the child in the film... In doing so the audience understood what all the equipment was for.

There is really nothing else to say about this film. It was an extremely boring film. Nothing about this film was scary nor jumpy, it's simply random generic events. You want to know what the cause of all this is and that's why you watch till the end.

The ending of the film makes no sense what so ever! But by this time the whole film is already a let down, that you expect the ending to be a let down.

The whole film is low budget and it's extremely obvious. There is nothing wrong with a film being low budget, but in this film the plot didn't make up for it. There are so many plot holes in this film...

Overall, I definitely would not recommend this film.

Spoilers ahead:

1. Okay, so Caitlin has schizophrenia... How does that explain the picture turning upside down and the teapot moving?

2. How was Caitlin in the air towards the end?

3. Why didn't the doctor tell Alan he knew he was lying about how his wife died?

4. Who was the girl at the end?

The Family (2013/I)
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This film is famous because of the actors..., 2 April 2016

I think the only reason why this film has the rating it does is because it has well known actors in it.

This film has an interesting start and makes you want to know what's happening. But, the plot does not deliver. You're not exactly bored when watching the film... But that's because you think it's going to go somewhere. Don't get me wrong, it could be worse. But, it is a stupid film to say at the least.

It's not that interesting or entertaining... This isn't a film you'd remember, it's more a film that would come on television and one day and you'd remember that you saw it one day (if that)... There was no suspense to it. It wasn't particularly funny.

The plot was stupid. It wasn't going anywhere. You get attracted to this film because of the famous actors, so you think it'll be good.

I definitely would not recommend this film. There are plot holes, but in the end it's like I don't even care about the plot holes because I wasn't fully engaged in the film anyway. Halfway through the film I just knew the film was going no where but I hoped I was wrong. I wasn't.

Mirrors (2008/I)
It's just missing something..., 2 April 2016

I've watched enough films now to know how a film will pan out. The beginning is somewhat boring. However, halfway through the film I was surprisingly gripped it's like what happened in the start is irrelevant and almost acceptable because I was so gripped... Then I started to think the film was actually good and I'd been too harsh.

But then towards the end of the film it does go somewhat downhill. I can't work out if it was a good film or not. I think it introduces irrelevant plots at the start and focuses on them too much. But that's not the real issue...

I think the film drags a little bit? It's missing something which is preventing me from rating it higher than a 6! I just don't know what. The ending is actually quite good... But it's more what happened before the actual ending that is a let down.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this film. I'd say it's okay but not something I'd recommend. It's better than other films I've seen because you are gripped in the middle of the film... But it's not an amazing film.

I think the acting could have been better... Because the plot isn't too bad apart from how the ending came about, I just don't feel like the characters were really 'into' their roles.

I've watched this film and I'd rate it a 6. If nothing else is on then watch this film. I wouldn't recommend renting this film or choosing it over another one... It's not that good.

Good concept but definitely fails to deliver..., 16 February 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The main character George will often say things that all us think at some point in our lives like 'why should I do this homework when I'm going to die anyway'...

He will say stuff that you can relate to and whilst it seems like there is some deep interesting aspect to this film - there isn't. I genuinely gained nothing from watching this film. I thought it would get better and deliver... I was just bored throughout the film.

I really would not recommend this film. It makes me you feel like it's going somewhere but it's really not...

Spoilers ahead: 1. I don't get the ending. How did Sally change George's mindset? What did she do exactly?

Film that depends on how you're feeling..., 13 February 2016

The first I watched this film I thought it was amazing and I gave it a 10/10. However, when I watched it again I'd give it a 5/6. I think the extent to how much you enjoy this film depends on how you're feeling.

When I first watched this film I was quite down, therefore this film really made me realise a lot of stuff. Whereas, now I'm watching this film with a completely different mindset.

The main character, Craig... He represents a lot of people and a lot of people can relate to him in a lot of different ways. You can also relate to his friends and family throughout the film as well. It's a good film with a good meaning behind it.

I wouldn't rate it higher because after seeing it again... I think it's good but not that good. I get what the film is trying to say and it all makes sense... But that's it. It's not exactly life changing, in saying that the first time I saw it I would have said the film was life changing...

I'd recommend this film... It puts your life into perspective to some extent.

Man Up (2015/I)
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Light-hearted film.., 5 February 2016

I'm not too sure what to say about this film... It was a good film. Not the worst and not the best. It made me laugh and even cry at one point. I feel there is depth to this film, but I didn't feel that depth that much. It's a comedy, yet I didn't find it that funny.

It kept me wanting to watch it although I feel I always knew what would happen in the film.

It's not a film I'd definitely recommend. This is more a light-hearted film that you watch because you don't want anything too serious or intense.

There isn't really anything else to say about this film really...

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Confusing long film., 6 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film had the potential to be really good. The plot was average but could be turned into something really good. However, the film did not deliver. It was extremely long and quite confusing. Scenes were edited a lot to add more effect - this just made me more confused. I definitely would not recommend this film. It's long when it doesn't need to be. It's confusing because there seems to be too many characters and too many things going on, thus you just don't even care what's going on! I'm very surprised it has such a high rating...


1. Guy is losing hope. Gets a job as a security guard for a rich family to look after a young girl. Becomes close with the young girl who gives him hope. I have summarised the first 1 hour of the film. The first 1 hour of the film dragged on! I kept wanting something to happen and nothing did! The first hour showed the audience how much the girl meant to Creasy (the security guard). Nothing interesting happened at all. You could skip the first 1 hour of this film and you'd still understand the film... That's how irrelevant it was.

2. After the girl gets kidnapped... I understood a little bit of what was going on. After that... I didn't understand it at all. Too many people seemed to be involved and it was very confusing.

3. So at the end Creasy dies... So what about that news reporter? What happened there?

4. The editing of the scenes probably made me more confused. As soon as Creasy was going to do something violent the editing started. I found it extremely annoying.

5. At the end Creasy dies! What sort of ending is that for a film?

In Fear (2013/I)
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LONG pointless film., 6 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was bad. Even when I was watching it I had hope that it would get better. It didn't. The film consists of two characters driving around in circles trying to a find a hotel, but it seems someone/something is after them. That's it. Nothing more and nothing less. That sentence pretty much sums up the film. I will also add to that the film is extremely long, it's not interesting yet drags on.


1. Around 1 hour into the film we find out who is behind this... After this point onwards I don't see the point of the film. I see the point if the film makers had a background story to why this was happening - they didn't thus making it a waste of time. The film unnecessarily dragged on.

2. The start of the film was extremely stupid and unrealistic. Since when do hotels send someone out for you to follow them so you can find the hotel. The hotel would give the person directions. What didn't make sense is the guy had a SatNav so surely he could have entered the postcode in? If the hotel was in the middle of no where and a SatNav couldn't reach it... Why would the guy book such a hotel? Surely alarm bells were ringing when they said they'd send a car for him to follow.

3. The film consisted of them just driving round and round in circles. It was boring. It was worse because they'd only just met each other so there was no interesting conversation either.

4. It was Max. So what? Who is Max? And why is he doing this? If the film didn't drag on for so much and it just ended... It may have even added suspense that we didn't know why Max was doing this.

Overall. An extremely long film which had no storyline what so ever.

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