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A quality drama and truly one of the best ever made for television, 14 December 2011

Timothy Olyphant is exceptional in every sense of the word and absolutely "riveting" in his new role as Raylan Givens. Carrying a swagger and demeanor that exudes a naturally raw confidence, rarely seen in television today, Olyphant generates a presence the moment he steps into a scene and before a word even needs to be spoken. Though mostly revolving around the rural areas of Kentucky, where values seem to follow a more "Old West" mentality and civility, the contradiction alongside modern rules and approach only heightens the confrontations with a suspenseful air that leaves you in utter anticipation. Yet, the series does an exceptional job in revealing a vulnerability to Raylan, as he struggles to deal with his personal life alongside his career as a U.S. Marshal, that at times seems to conflict. With superbly written dialogue, a complimentary cast of characters, and a quality unequaled, Justified is utterly magnificent in every regard.

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As the world is ravaged by a zombie apocalypse it is the survivors who must find their humanity once again, 14 December 2011

Few series manage to capture one of our deepest and equally most terrifying fears, while at the same time grasping the human element of its affect, in both, an emotional and suspenseful way as "The Walking Dead" has since its premiere and continues to so in its second season. Introducing us to a world that has been devastated by the 'undead," while we follow a handful of survivors as they try to hold on to the little bit of humanity they've been given or struggle to find, as they desperately search for safety, the series is much more than its title suggests and gratefully so. Yet as each episode unfolds we also begin to realize that the real threat lies much deeper than the unimaginable but from each other as well, which is what truly makes this series so intriguing. Beyond making the unbelievable fathomable, it is its distinct understanding that even through such horrific circumstances, sometimes it is people that are the scariest unknown and what makes this series compelling.

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A creative adaptation that brings everything you love about film together, 8 December 2011

Take every genre that can be adapted into a film, then slightly go beyond that, and you will find this film categorized under that utterly creative and unique blend. Mixed with a visual style that moves like a video game but captured into the theme of a comic, while amplified by musical exchanges that resonate like a live concert, this film is a rare compilation that manages to reach every level flawlessly, without becoming too cliché or complicated that a wide audience cant appreciate the subtle nuances that make it so imaginative. With a young cast that is superbly led by Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead but wonderfully supported by Allison Pill, Ellen Wong, Kieran Culkin and so many others, every character is essential to what makes this film so fulfilling. Yet, underneath this cinematic marvel there is also meaningful insight into relationships and love, its capacity to fail and in those rare instances succeed, even when it feels like every obstacle is in the way.

Wanted (2008)
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Timur takes his style and makes Wanted an exceptional addition to the action genre, 21 August 2011

Wanted is very creative in its thought and raw in its expression that even now, it still holds up to be one of the best action films I have yet to see. It's one of those films that contain the perfect idea, with a unique set of characters, and just the right amount of forethought to keep the storyline and action practically timeless. Timur's undeniable respect for the action film and its design to just take it a step further without being grossly overwhelming, was in my opinion perfect. Action films for the most part rely on the "over the top" scenario and the almost impossible task of the hero to overcome his or her circumstance(s). Wanted embraced this formula, keeping its hero Wesley likable and real, by placing him in an environment that made us appreciate how "cool" this would be and giving us a world where the violence is almost welcoming and keeping us for the moment uncaring whether this could happen or not but just loving the fact that we 'wanted' it to be, and I did.

Stardust (2007)
A sweet film that reminds us that fairy tales can still exist in Hollywood, 20 August 2011

From the moment the narration begins you immediately realize that this is the beginning of a wondrous "fairytale." A delightful story about Tristan, a young man who vows to prove his devotion and love for a woman he has always believed to be the one, embarks on a magnificent journey to find a falling star and return it home. An endearing yet unique film that created a world that literally existed beyond the realms of an ordinary wall; a place full of witches, magical curses, flying ships that capture lightening, and love found in the most unlikely of places, it gave audiences more than the typical Hollywood film that we had grown accustomed to seeing. With a superb cast led by Mark Strong, Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Robert De Niro and a list that surprisingly goes on and with a beautiful score that compliments every scene, Stardust is truly a sum of its parts; a film that recaptured our imagination and fantasies and reminded us of those rare "happily ever afters."

Braveheart (1995)
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An epic film (with perhaps one of the finest underlying loves stories), 2 August 2011

With a dynamic performance from Mel Gibson along with his unexpected, though brilliant directing, Braveheart has become one of the finest films ever made, if not one of the most famous epics ever produced. Loosely based on the real life of William Wallace, the man who united the clans of Scotland in order to obtain their independence from the tyranny of Britain, Braveheart, underneath its historical aspect, also beautifully told the story of William's love for his wife that charged his campaign till the very end. With a stunning cast and remarkable dialogue, Braveheart exemplified the potential for such films, creating a storyline that was as enriching as well as captivating with some of the most violent and visually intense battle sequences ever captured, it formed a new impression of the epic genre; one beloved by both men and women. Though dramatic and tragic, Braveheart became a symbol of a nation's pride, one man's strength and people's hope; a testament to their "Freedom."

Fight Club (1999)
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Raw and imaginative in its unforgiving presentation, 2 August 2011

"The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club..." These words have become synonymous with perhaps one of the greatest films of all time and one of the most well-known lines ever spoken. With outstanding performances by Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, Fight Club breaks down the barriers of the norm and manages to unravel it with an unforgiving dialogue, reinforced with a powerfully raw energy that has rarely been seen. Norton's character is quickly forced to face the sad and miserable reality of his existence with his introduction to Tyler Durden, a free spirit unbound by the rules and expectations of a society that he believes seeks only to oppress and conform. An instant cult classic, Fight Club not only influenced a generation but since its release, has still managed to remain a 'Bible' for the "everyday" man's feeling about himself and the society that he so eagerly tries to maintain an identity within. Fight Club, in its design will always break its first rule.