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directors at odds with establishments.
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my favorite list of directors who make great art films,without wanting to make one, but because they are really great artists at work.
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an interesting list and even more interesting film genre.
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be sure their films will definitely be have been warned before seeing one.
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they are both entertainers and great artists.
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i find these the funniest films in the history but i have not seen it all.
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here goes my predictions for the Oscars 2013.
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just what makes movies a fantastic trip .the list below is extraordinary.
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living directors who could still set trends with thier original styles, thoughts and arts.
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i know it is odd but true.this movie knocks you off and out of this world.we have never seen anything like it.
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you may hate or dislike their works,but they remain artists with trends made under their signatures.
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great talents that lived an unforttuante career due to their rebellion.
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my list up to 2012, and in no order.
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here is the names of people who do great works but do not have any home lands to represent their works.the so called Stateless artists.
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the directors in this list presented cinema their way again and proved the fact that one should never say "everything has been said or done"
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the list below contains people with extraordinary creativities in the fields of the arts and cinema
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middle eastern great film personalities
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these directors have been also politically active.either in their movies or in real life.
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they are not Americans and are just extraordinary.
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my favorite directors who could change the movie making and movie watching become a new pleasure again.