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Light, but entertaining!, 26 June 2013

Two people are forced by circumstance, into prostitution. A sad, broke middle-aged man whose wife is dying, and a lovely, youthful divorcée whose child was taken from her. The man is quite a shy bumbler as he pursues his new trade, but is quite a likable sort. The pretty young woman, played with great sympathy by Bai Ling, is more pragmatic in her approach. However, she gets some really unexpected clients. Chao-Jung Chen, as the middle-aged man also gives a strong performance. Most of the others tend to play for comedy. The two pimps - apparently man and wife - are quite silly, especially the funny wife. This was a very entertaining film, silly at times and heartrending at other times, but most certainly unpredictable.

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Possibly the worst film I've seen, though I couldn't sit through it., 3 April 2011

Where to begin? Could it be the shallow wooden acting of jet fighter pilots sitting nearly completely still, unsurprised to see a spaceship the size of Rhode Island, and calmly watching as their missiles were fired back at them? Or was it the cartoon-like special effects? Of course, anything "military" was idiotically cliché..."That's an order!", "Turn back or be charged with insubordination"...and why were several billion-dollar jet fighters parked on a dirt road, their pilots and officers quartered in filthy abandoned buildings with rotting window frames, and no glass? Then some guy shows up from 1942, and everyone acts like that's as normal as someone getting off the bus.

I'm sure someone made money off of this, and there is certainly an audience for this, but...pure crap.