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ShortList...650 movies are waiting in my Watchlist...
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This is my personal ranking of the last great animated movies ...from father Disney to the last 3D performances!!! There are no stop-motion movies (Nightmare before Xmas, Coraline, Chicken Run...all wonderful), but i'm not sure for titles like Polar Express or Xmas Carol, are they still animated cartoons?
For japan toons i put only titles from Miyazaki, there are lots of interesting movies but i think they are not for little children...
For the long series i put only the first, some sequels are good (Toy story, Ice age) someone no( Shreck 3)
...enjoy these fantastic "cartoons" with all the family!!!
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Monsters, Sci-Fi, Aliens, Future, Robots, Deep Space, Fantastic, Terrible Animals, Special Effects MOVIES
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long long time ago, when movies made history!!! these are 100 fantasy-adventure movies you'll enjoy to watch more and more, expecially with your children! (chronological order!)
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i really really really wanna find these movies for my dvds collection!!!